Blumhouse Productions Looking To Build A Shared Cinematic Universe

Blumhouse has emerged this decade as a leading force in the horror genre, being responsible for many of the biggest hits in the field over the past few years – Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Purge…the list goes on. The production company’s built up an impressive back catalog of franchises by now that rivals Marvel’s in number […]

Star Wars May Have Created A Big Marvel Cinematic Universe Paradox

From Pulp Fiction to Jurassic Park, the ever-prolific Samuel L. Jackson has been in a ridiculous number of major films, a lot of which remain frequent pop culture reference points many years later. It therefore seems inevitable that the fictional worlds inhabited by the actor would inadvertently collide sooner or later, such is the case […]

Patrick Stewart Teases How The Star Trek Universe Has Changed Since We Last Saw Picard

Despite being inarguably the greatest Star Trek captain of all time (sorry Kirk fans, deep down you know it’s true), Jean-Luc Picard went out with a whimper rather than a bang. I’m talking about the terrible 2002 release Star Trek: Nemesis, which up until the announcement of the new Picard series on CBS All Access was our […]

The New Mutants Said To Be The Final X-Men Universe Movie Before Reboot

Though the title of The New Mutants suggests a fresh start, it sounds like the film might well be the final installment in a cinematic universe that hasn’t been new in a long time, with a recent report alleging that the Josh Boone-helmed flick will be the last cinematic release of the ­X-Men franchise before […]

DC Universe Streaming Service Struggling To Pick Up Subscribers

DC Universe, Warner Bros.’ video-on-demand streaming service, is reportedly in a spot of bother. According to Thomas Polito of The GWW, the service hasn’t been a profitable venture for Warner Bros. and AT&T and he’d be “surprised” if its numbers were eventually boosted. Now, Polito doesn’t seem to give a source for his information and WB […]

Who Won Miss Universe 2018? Meet the Winner!

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know who won the Miss Universe competition this evening! The 2018 Miss Universe competition just wrapped up and we now know the winner! This year, 94 Miss Universe contestants competed for the coveted title in Bangkok, Thailand. Steve Harvey and Ashley Graham acted as co-hosts […]

Miss Universe 2018 – Performers & Hosts Revealed!

The 2018 Miss Universe competition is set to air from Bangkok, Thailand tonight on Fox and we have the scoop on all the celebs you’ll be able to see during the broadcast! Steve Harvey is back as the host this year with a star-studded lineup joining him for another great broadcast. You may remember, back […]

Amy Adams Says The DC Universe Is Being Revamped

As fans know, the DC movie universe – now officially called Worlds of DC, formally known as the DC Extended Universe – is going through some major changes at the moment. The future of the franchise’s former leading stars – particularly, Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck – is up in the air, and Amy Adams recently […]

Daredevil Writer Thinks It’s The End Of Netflix’s Marvel Universe

Last week, Marvel fans’ hearts were broken when Netflix announced that it was cancelling Daredevil after just three seasons. Following Iron Fist and Luke Cage previously meeting the same fate, it seems that Jessica Jones and The Punisher are on borrowed time and won’t last past their third and second seasons, respectively. The way things […]

Infinity Obituary: Marvel Cinematic Universe Teams Up To Champion Deceased Creator Stan Lee

Image via Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Marvel Cinematic Universe Reacts To Stan Lee’s Death Stan Lee was one of the biggest and most influential pop culture contributors over the past nearly 60 years via his role as Editor-in-Chief, publisher and chairman of Marvel Comics. Today, that legend of a man went home to glory at age 95. […]

How Venom Could Replace Captain America In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

From Bucky Barnes to John Cena, the internet has offered an array of candidates for who could inherit the Captain America title after Chris Evans hangs up the shield, but this new theory stands out for its originality by suggesting that Steve Rogers’ effective replacement could be a character who already goes by a famous […]

Marvel Reveals Why The Fantastic Four Were Missing From The Comic Universe

The Fantastic Four may be the red-headed stepchild of the Disney subsidiaries films, but for years, they were a big deal in the comics. Then suddenly, they weren’t. Where there was once an ongoing series, appearances in merchandise and the status of being the “first family,” nothing has stood for the past several years. Though […]