Kristen at the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival – 19 May 2018 #KristenStewart

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Zombieland 2 Writers Tease A Time Jump For The Film

Nearly a decade removed from the release of Zombieland, and the idea of a sequel is intermittently convulsing. Although over a year ago a script was believed to be in place, up until a few days ago, there hadn’t been any subsequent news regarding Zombieland 2. Thankfully, co-screenwriter Paul Wernick provided a status update earlier […]

Deadpool 2 Writers Says They May Skip A Third Film And Go Straight To Deadpool 4

Ever since the promotional campaign began for the Merc’s first solo outing, the films have jokingly subverted blockbuster cliche and done the unexpected. Now, in an interview with THR, Deadpool 2 screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have revealed that they might just skip a third movie entirely and go right to Deadpool 4.  This is both […]

Jenelle Evans: Refusing to Film for Teen Mom 2!

Jenelle Evans is … well, she's not the brightest, let's just say it. And that's OK, it really is, it's just that when we say that Jenelle isn't the brightest, it means that she makes seriously dumb decisions that affect her future and her family's future. Usually negatively. We say this because Jenelle's latest dumb […]

SPOILER ALERT! ‘WHITNEY’ Film Uncovers Childhood Sexual Abuse & Eerie Details Leading Up To Her Death – Watch The New Trailer

Spoilers about the forthcoming WHITNEY film are trickling in and we’re already learning things about the late Whitney Houston that we didn’t already know. There are SPOILERS inside, so enter with caution… The forthcoming WHITNEY movie hasn’t hit theaters yet, but details about the film are being leaked. Director Kevin Macdonald presented WHITNEY – the […]

John Travolta Busts A Move On Stage With 50 Cent At Cannes Film Festival [Video]

Even though Pitbull had to bail on his tribute performance to the actor due to vocal problems, John Travolta made the best of it by replacing Mr. Worldwide with Mr. “Fiddy” (as the pale people say). John happily hopped on-stage to sprinkle a little Saturday Night Fever on 50 Cent’s performance of “Just A Lil […]

James Gunn Confirms The Title Of Third Guardians Of The Galaxy Film

In news that should surprise absolutely no one, James Gunn confirmed tonight that the title of the third Guardians of the Galaxy installment will indeed be Vol.3, following the vein traced by previous series entries Vol.2 and Vol.1. The director made the announcement via Twitter while responding to a fan who had asked him if he would […]

Kristen at the ‘BlacKkKlansman’ premiere at the Cannes Film Festival – 14 May 2018 #KristenStewart

HQ Additional Gallery Media / Fan Photos – MQ Click on pics for full view. Video Here’s Kristen Stewart signing autographs for fans at #Cannes2018. — Ramin Setoodeh (@RaminSetoodeh) May 14, 2018 Seated in Palais on my last night in #Cannes18 before #BlacKkKlansman and FINALLY got entire clip of #KristenStewart walking red carpet. Only […]