Melania Trump’s 2012 Beluga Whale Tweet Mysteriously Changes Into a Giraffe & Here’s What Might Have Happened

Melania Trump's 2012 Beluga Whale Tweet Mysteriously Changes Into a Giraffe & Here's What Might Have Happened

On Saturday (December 29), Twitter users began noticing something strange about Melania Trump‘s now infamous 2012 tweet about a beluga whale.

The original tweet, sent out in August of 2012, showed a photo of a Beluga Whale with the caption, “What is she thinking?” Mysteriously, the photo of the whale actually transformed into a giraffe for some Twitter users depending on what device they viewed the image on.

Several Twitter users pointed out the strange discrepancy and many wondered if the First Lady somehow had the power to edit tweets.

Well, it looks like Deadspin may have solved the problem back in September when a similar issue plagued a professional baseball team. Their article explained that the issue arose from an expired image ID in the URL of the tweet, which had subsequently been reassigned to a new image.

You can see Melania‘s original whale tweet here (Just Jared currently sees a whale!), and check out one journalist’s tweet below comparing both images he saw.

Just Jared

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