Cardi B Called Bernice King To Apologize For ‘Real Housewives Of The Civil Rights Movement’ Skit, Rip Michaels Defends Bardi

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Cardi B‘s comedy skit didn’t go over well and now she’s apologizing to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter Bernice King. Also, comedian Rip Michaels spoke out to defend her. Get it all inside…


When we first saw this skit, we knew it was going to be a WHOLE mess. And it is.

Cardi B has been receiving backlash after starring in a new comedy skit as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife, Coretta Scott King.

In the sketch for the (possible) show, dubbed "Real Housewives of the Civil Rights Movement," Bardi makes fun of MLK Jr.’s infidelity as she sits with other civil rights "housewives," including Malcolm X and Jesse Jackson‘s wives, along with Rosa Parks.

"All these hussies want to sleep with my huuuusband," Cardi says in the clip. "But it’s alright because I know he marches home to me."


See the clip HERE in case you missed. Given Cardi’s appearance, it appears the clip may have been recorded years ago (before she got her teeth fixed).

The skit is from "Wild ‘N Out" comedian Rip Michaels’ upcoming show "Off The Rip," that is, if it ever sees the light of day.

Since the clip was released, folks have been sounding off about how disrespectful the skit is on social media, and dragging Cardi in the process.

Bernice King, MLK & Dr. King’s daughter, took to her Twitter account to address the skit. She tweeted (then deleted): "On the 55th anniversary of #IHaveADream,’ a clip on @TMZ depicts my parents (Cardi B playing my mom) & great women of the CRM in a repulsive, false light," Dr. King wrote in a now-deleted tweet. "They paid an extraordinary price so people of color can have a platform- & this is how you use it. @iamcardib: Let’s talk."

After causing a stir online, Cardi reached out to MLK Jr. & Coretta’s daughter behind-the-scenes to issue an apology. Bernice tweeted:

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Martin Luther King III, Dr. King’s eldest son, also weighed in on Cardi’s skit, calling it a "distraction" and said it’s beyond offensive today, on the 55th anniversary of his father’s "I Have A Dream" speech. He’s upset that his mother was portrayed in that manner (confirming she doesn’t even drink) and also the timing of it all. Check it below:

Rip Michaels came to Cardi’s defense, tweeting to Bernice King that he was the one behind the skit, not Cardi. Read his tweets (from the bottom up):

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The "Wild ‘N Out" comedian also talked to TMZ and said he and his team of writers were the ones who came up with the material for the skit, including the joke about MLK’s infidelity. He told the site it’s wrong for people to go after the "I Like It" rapper because she’s not black and that MLK wanted equal rights for all people.

Sir, just apologize and keep it moving.

In the clip below (swipe), Rip confirms the skit was shot a while ago. He said he just recently wrapped it up and is shopping it around:


Hmm…do you all think a network will pick this show up now or nah?

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