Survivor 2017 – Who Went Home On ‘Game Changers’? Spoilers!

SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! Two more players were voted out during tonight’s (April 19) episode of Survivor: Game Changers season 34! The episode kicked off with a merge feast, in which two players had to volunteer to sit out. Brad and Tai offered to not eat. […]

Bae Of The Day: How Deelishis Went From Reality Show Star To The Cake Hall Of Fame

Deelishis’ Glo Up Magic Everyone knows Deelishis and her magical donk that has captivated Instagram likes for the past few years. A lot of people forget that she started off as just one member of the Flavor of Love cast trying to get with Flavor Flav. Seriously, people. But she parlayed that into success. Let’s […]

Bars Gal RiRi: Rihanna’s Navy Went Ape S#!t Over Her Rap Skills On Kendrick Lamar’s “Loyalty”

Rihanna Rapping With Kendrick Lamar’s “Loyalty” Caused A Social Media Stir You might not have known this, but apparently a LOT of Rihanna fans have wanted her to rap. Kendrick Lamar granted them their wish. BadGalRiRi is one of only three featured artists on King Kunta’s new long-player and she showed up to show […]

Nick Viall Went Shirtless on ‘DWTS’ & Looked So Hot!

Nick Viall stripped down during his performance on Dancing With the Stars this week and we have all of the hot photos! The 36-year-old The Bachelor star performed a dance that highlighted his journey on the ABC reality series for “Most Memorable Year” week. Nick‘s dance started out with him surrounded by several women until […]

Tyrese Went & Pissed Off Former TGT Groupmates Ginuwine & Tank (Again), Here’s How They Responded

After Tyrese took to the radio airwaves to clear up his "black queen" comments about his wife, he pissed off his former TGT groupmates as well.  Find out how they’re poppin’ back inside….   Uh oh! #Tyrese went and pissed off #Ginuwine (again) while talking about the #TGT beef. A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily) […]

Anna Paquin went to an audition of The Piano because she had…

Anna Paquin went to an audition of The Piano because she had nothing better to do. Selected among 5,000 candidates for the role in The Piano she earned the 1993 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at the age of 11 making her the second-youngest Oscar winner in history. Unbelievable facts You may also like:Josh […]

Programmers for Atari in the late 70s went to the CEO of the…

Programmers for Atari in the late 70s went to the CEO of the company asking for royalties and their names be included on the boxes, when he turned them down they went and formed their own company: Activision. Unbelievable facts You may also like:Vanessa Hudgens | The Late Late Show With James…Jake Gyllenhaal & Ryan Reynolds […]

Steve Wozniak went to a juvenile detention center for a day for…

Steve Wozniak went to a juvenile detention center for a day for building a fake bomb in high school. He spent the night teaching prisoners how to disconnect wires from fans and connect them to the bars, so people get shocked when they touch them. Unbelievable facts You may also like:Man’s Face Beaten In By […]

Former ‘ANTM’ Finalist Brandy Rusher SHOT, In Critical Condition + Beyoncé’s Facetiming Fan Who Went Viral Loses Cancer Battle

Sad news out of Houston involving former "ANTM" finalist Brandy Rusher and Beyoncé‘s super fan who went viral after their Facetiming session.  Details inside… Brandy Rusher, the beautiful Houston native who was never shy about speaking her mind during cycle 4 of "America’s Next Top Model," is in critical condition after being shot in her […]

What Clever Song Lyric Went Completely Over Your Head?

Not ~dirty~ lyrics, just genius ones. Sometimes, when you’re casually listening to music, the lyrics of a song can go straight over your head. Getty Images / BuzzFeed For example, let this shocker sink in: Twitter: @Mia143__ HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT? AND WHAT OTHER LYRICAL MAGIC HAVE I MISSED? 20th Century Fox View […]

Kendrick Lamar Dropped New Single Possibly Dissing Drake, Trump & More, And The Internet Went Nuts

Kendrick Lamar had some things to get off his chest, apparently, so he dropped a surprise new single last night.  The reactions were priceless. A new single (and possible new album) has the internets currently in their feelings. With hardly any notice, Kendrick dropped "The Heart Part 4" around midnight last night, and he’s coming […]

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Pregnant Woman Demanded Heroin And Meth Injection As She Went Into Labor

Pregnant Woman Took Heroin Injection Just Prior To Going Into Labor What in the entire f**k is going on here?! A NYDailyNews report states that an expecting New Hampshire woman demanded that a friend inject her with heroin and meth just as she was going into labor. Bye, Felicia Farruggia. The 29-year-old was arrested yesterday […]