10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters Who Are Completely Pointless

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought us some of the most recognizable, successful and just plain awesome superheroes in the whole of cinema. However, not everyone that the franchise touches turns to gold. It’s only natural that, in the MCU’s increasingly overpopulated movies, some of the characters end up being totally pointless. Now, we’re not necessarily […]

Frank Grillo Teases The Return Of Crossbones To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Though Crossbones was seemingly killed in Captain America: Civil War, we all know that death is rarely permanent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That, coupled with the fact that fans have long voiced their displeasure with how the character was handled, has led many to believe that he might one day make a return. Unfortunately, actor Frank […]

8 Hugely Underrated Moments In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

It seems like just yesterday that the first Iron Man was released, exposing audiences to a superhero that wasn’t mainstream yet still more than worthy of joining the likes of Batman and Spider-Man. Nine years later and the Marvel Cinematic Universe stands as an iconic movie franchise, famous for bringing numerous characters to the forefront, […]

8 Characters That Matt Smith Could Play In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Matt Smith recently made headlines when he stated his interest in having a role in a Marvel movie. Of course, this sent shockwaves across the Internet, resulting in everyone and their mother putting in their own two cents about whom the former 11th Doctor should play. It was only a matter of time, too. Playing the […]

Former Doctor Who Star Matt Smith Wants A Role In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Though you may not think so, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Doctor Who have a lot in common. Aside from them both being highly enjoyable and popular franchises, they also share a lot of the same actors. Most notably, we’ve seen Christopher Eccleston, Karen Gillan, David Tennant and Jenna Coleman all hold roles in each, […]

Matt Reeves Says The Batman Is “Not Part Of The Extended Universe”

As you’re probably aware of by now, the internet broke yesterday evening when word came down that Warner Bros. are developing a movie exploring the origin of the Joker, and that a younger actor who is not Jared Leto will be cast in the title role. Furthermore, it’s part of what Deadline referred to as “the […]

Cinemaholics – Last Call: Does Hollywood Have A Cinematic Universe Problem?

From the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DCEU to Universal’s Dark Universe and…Scooby Doo? This week on Cinemaholics, we’re doing a special Last Call edition where we’re joined by Alisha Grauso (Editor-at-large for Movie Pilot) and Matt Donato (Senior Film Critic for We Got This Covered), who help us unpack the past, present, and future of Hollywood’s […]

Samuel L. Jackson Casts Doubt On Future Marvel Cinematic Universe Appearances

Despite the tremendous amount of love fans have for Nick Fury, and the actor who plays him (Samuel L. Jackson), the character hasn’t been featured too heavily in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as of late. Though he was instrumental in putting the Avengers together, his role has been diminished quite a bit and he hasn’t been seen […]

Mike Mignola Hopes Hellboy Reboot Will Birth A Cinematic Universe

While it’s undeniable that Marvel and DC have ruled the box office when it comes to comic book adaptations, that doesn’t mean other publishers’ properties haven’t also found success. In fact, it could be argued that Dark Horse’s Hellboy has become one of the more recognizable franchises to emerge outside of the Big Two, effectively amassing an […]

The DC Extended Universe: Your Complete Guide To The Past, Present And Future

Welcome to your one-stop resource for everything you need to know about the DC Extended Universe. And we do mean everything. Here, you’ll find a treasure chest of regularly updated information pertaining to every single project in this rapidly expanding film franchise – from 2013’s Man Of Steel, to the most distant titles that are still […]

Everything You Need To Know About Stephen King’s Cinematic Universe

There are few authors as prolific as Stephen King, and even fewer with such an extensive track record of film adaptations of their work. Since his first short story was sold to Startling Mystery Stories in 1967, King has published 56 novels and 200 short stories. There have been 66 film adaptations of those tales […]

Marvel’s Runaways Is Set In The Same Universe As The Netflix Shows

We’ve always been told that Marvel’s TV shows are set within the realms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that unites their movies. Mostly, though, this just means that the likes of Daredevil and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can namecheck Iron Man or the Hulk once in a while. The shows don’t ever crossover themselves, though. For instance, Phil Coulson isn’t going […]