Beyonce Is STILL Trolling The Universe With Her Super Secret Snapchat & It’s Hilarious

Bey’s Secret Snapchat Is STILL Breaking The Internet Queen Bey is STILL trolling the universe with her super top-secret SnapChat account that currently has the whole entire BeyHive (and everyone else) spiraling into a hilariously desperate abyss in the latest episode of “Where In The World Is Beyonce’s Snapchat.” Hit the flip for MORE hilarious […]

Tyler Perry’s Dad Almost DIED In House Fire + Steve Harvey Now Has 24/7 Security After Miss Universe Debacle

In unfortunate news, Tyler Perry’s dad’s house was destroyed by a house fire leaving him homeless. Get those details, plus why Steve Harvey had to hire around-the-clock security inside… The man Tyler Perry calls dad almost died in a house fire after his Louisiana home went up in flames on Monday night. Emmitt Perry, who […]

10 Things We Love About The DC Extended Universe

Warner Brothers likely wasn’t expecting their much-anticipated DC Extended Universe to be as controversial and divisive as it’s proven to be. Starting with 2013’s Man of Steel all the way up to last August’s Suicide Squad, audience reactions have ranged from those who would stab these movies if they were a person to those would fight anyone to the […]

The X-Men Comic Book Universe Has A Brand New Big Bad

In recent months, the X-Men titles have revolved mostly around the mutant superheroes battling the Inhumans. That’s something which finally came to an end in Inhumans vs. X-Men #6, but one character in particular was left in a very different place once all was said and done. After using her psychic powers to hide the […]

Man Of Steel Was Always Supposed To Be The Start Of The DC Extended Universe

Way back when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was first announced, many fans questioned whether or not it was always planned over at Warner Bros. After all, there wasn’t so much as a single mention of the Dark Knight in Man of Steel, whereas the movie which followed that was packed full of world […]

Your Complete Guide To All 16 DC Extended Universe Movies Currently In The Works

Whatever you think of the three films released in the DC Extended Universe thus far – that’s Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, for those with short memories – you have to admit there’s a huge amount of potential in the idea of a sprawling movie franchise based on the DC comic […]

Jay Garrick Is Finally Returning To The DC Universe Later This Year

When The New 52 reboot launched back in 2011, decades worth of history were wiped away. Suddenly, the DC Universe was only five years old, and a number of legacy characters were M.I.A. Thankfully, DC Rebirth changed that by bringing back Wally West and teasing the fact that Watchmen character Dr. Manhattan may have stolen […]

8 Theories About How Watchmen Fits Into The DC Rebirth Universe

DC Comics received a lot of flak for Before Watchmen, a run of limited series books which filled in some of the blanks in the histories of those characters without the involvement of creator Alan Moore. However, the reaction to the reveal that the characters are now part of the DC Universe thanks to DC […]

Iris Mittenaere of France crowned Miss Universe

A 23-year-old dental student from France won the Miss Universe crown Monday in the annual pageant held this year in the Philippines. Iris Mittenaere from the small town of Lille in northern France said in reply to a final question from pageant host Steve Harvey that she would be honoured if she just landed among […]

Use The Force: Ranking The Films In The Star Wars Cinematic Universe

The Star Wars film franchise is arguably the most legendary cinematic universe ever created. Sure, the Marvel Universe makes a lot of money, and has a lot of fans, but Star Wars is historic. In its four decades, this series has changed the nature of filmmaking in terms of special effects and technology, and has […]

Logan Is Not Set In The X-Men Universe, Says Hugh Jackman

It’s no secret that Logan is set to be very different not only from every other X-Men movie, but almost any other comic book adaptation we’ve seen to date. That’s been made very evident throughout the film’s marketing campaign, which culminated in a stunning trailer that released this past week. What we never realized, though, is that not […]

The Godzilla And Kong: Skull Island Universe Finally Has A Name

Shared Universes have become all the rage thanks to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and with Godzilla and King Kong set to clash on the big screen a few years from now, fans have been wondering for a while what this world they shared will be called. Well, thanks to some toy packaging, […]