SHOCKED OR NAH? Trump Is Sucking The Secret Service DRY With Constant Travel & Large Family

Well, here’s a shocker. Not. The Secret Service is running out of funds to pay their thousands of agents due to Donald Trump’s constant travel and his huge family. Details inside… Well, here’s a shocker. Not. The Secret Service is running out of funds to pay their agents due to Donald Trump’s constant travel and […]

President Trump Looks Into The Sun With His Bare Eyeballs Like A Complete Numbskull

President Trump Looks Into The Eclipse Without Glasses Donald Trump isn’t exactly one for common sense or following sound advice, so it should come as no surprise that he bucked the warnings about looking directly at the sun during the solar eclipse. Even though his own daughter Ivanka shot an entire PSA about eye safety […]

ATL Protestors Singing Anti-Trump Song “Move Trump… Get Out The Way!” [Video]

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Joy Reid Reads Trump Donor Justifying His White Nationalists Sympathy [Video]

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Wrap It Up Den: Proposed Bill Would Require Donald Trump To Undergo Mental Health Evaluation

WENN This New Bill Probably Won’t Pass, But It Really Really Should A new bill introduced in the House of Representatives would require  Trump to undergo a physical and mental health exam in order to determine if he is stable enough to stay in office. Rep. Zoe Lofgren introduced the bill on Friday. If the bill were […]

Brandy Makes Her Grand Return To Broadway’s ‘Chicago’ + D. Wade Catches Waves In Malibu + Kevin Durant’s Hometown Parade (And Trump Kiss Off)

Brandy is back on Broadway, Dwyane Wade is catching waves in Malibu, Kevin Durant brings his NBA Championship to his hometown and Omari Hardwick links up with singer Kelis in the studio. Pics inside… After a successful run in 2015, Brandy will be making her return to Broadway’s “Chicago.” The Grammy Award winner will be […]

Michael Eric Dyson & Brunell Donald-Kyei Go At It Over Trump “Your A Race Baiter” [Video]

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STFU Forever: Kim K’s Sassy Bigot Buddy Jeffree Starr Trashed Trump & Got Re-Dragged — Nneka O. (@Playm8z) August 15, 2017 Twitter Vs. Jeffree Starr (AGAIN) Kimmy K’s sassy bigot buddy Jeffree Starr is currently getting RE-DRAGGED after firing shots at Trump on Twitter (like they aren’t cut from the same KKK hood cloth) without offering an apology for his own racism in a genuinely baffling moment that […]

Damien Chazelle Joins Twitter to Slam Trump: ‘Impeach This Loathsome Misogynist Racist’

Damien Chazelle has finally joined Twitter (@DSChazelle) to voice his opinion about President Donald Trump and the current political climate. The 32-year-old La La Land director slammed the president and called for his impeachment on Wednesday (August 16). “Decided to join Twitter because I feel a responsibility to add my voice to the chorus,” he […]

Michael Moore Leads Star-Studded Protest at Trump Tower

Michael Moore is joined by Olivia Wilde while heading to Trump Tower for a protest against President Trump on Tuesday night (August 15) in New York City. The 63-year-old filmmaker is currently doing a one-man show on Broadway and he was joined by other stars like Olivia and her 1984 co-star Tom Sturridge, as well […]

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Trump ‘Unhinged,’ Suggest We Make Him King Instead of President

Jimmy Kimmel has a plan to save the American people from the President of the United States, Donald Trump. The talk show host changed up his opening monologue on Tuesday (August 15) after Trump made some shocking comments at a press conference, during which he seemingly sided with neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Kimmel said that […]