Fair Or Foul? Talib Kweli Says Trump Is ‘America’s Revenge’ For Having A ‘N-gga’ President

Talib Kweli Gives His Uncensored Opinion About ‘Revenge’ Commander And Chief Trump TMZ camera’s caught up with Talib Kweli and offered his political hot take on what Trump mean’s to America. The rapper says he’s revenge, that’s it! He feels what many people feel about him– he’s just a tool to piss off black people. […]

Caitlyn Jenner to Donald Trump: ‘I’m Coming After You’ (Video)

Caitlyn Jenner is sending a message to President Donald Trump in her new interview for 20/20 with Diane Sawyer. The 67-year-old reality star and former Olympian was asked if she still supports the president and the Republican Party. “Here’s the deal: Yes, I did vote for Trump, but here’s the deal-breaker with the Republican party […]

Trump Spinderella, Kellyanne Conway, Buys ‘HUGE’ in DC

What on earth is Donald Trump paying Kellyanne Conway to make heads or ‘tales’ (pun intended) of his constant nonsense?  I ask because she just bought an $ 8,000,000 home in the same area as Ivanka and the Obama’s. The Massachusetts Avenue Heights house was owned by the former acting prime minister of Pakistan, Moeenuddin Ahmad […]

ICYMI: Congresswoman Maxine Waters Pops Off On Trump At Tax March, ‘We’ve Got To Stop His A**!’

Maxine Waters doesn’t sugarcoat her words when it comes to Trump. The California congresswoman rallies for his impeachment during the Tax March in Washington D.C. and she means business! More inside… California congresswoman Maxine Waters is calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment! And she’s not mincing her words to be “politically correct.” I’m so excited to […]

Trump Boot-?Licker, Sheriff David A. Clarke, Says Voting Democrat Is Destroying Black Families

David Clark Says It’s Time For Black Democrats To Call Out ‘Poor’ Blacks In an interview with WND, black Sheriff, David Clarke said he believes it is no coincidence the most dangerous cities in America are all led politically by Democrats. The conservative cowboy says that the Democratic party actually prays on the the issues […]

SMH: Trump Quietly Signs Law Allowing States To Snatch Planned Parenthood Funds

Donald Trump Quietly Signs Law Allowing States To Defund Planned Parenthood Donald Trump quietly signed a law yesterday allowing states to defund any organization that provides abortion services, including controversial organization, Planned Parenthood according to CNN. This undoes an Obama administration regulation, protecting states funds for the organization. Now, states have the option to let […]

FINISH HIM! CNN Orange-Noser Jeffrey Lord Fricasseed For “Trump Is The MLK Of Healthcare”

Twitter Rails Against Jeffrey Lord For Trump-MLK Comparison Jeffrey Lord has said a LOT of stupid things on-air. We mean LOTS of them. Today he joined the triumvirate of stupidity along with his bozo buddies Pepsi and Sean Spicer. Almost daily. But this latest “analysis” is one for the books. https://youtu.be/PdJIzP9kU0w Symone Sanders is NOT […]

Trump Smirks About Launching Missiles At Syria While Eating “Chocolate Cake” [Video]

This guy is seriously alarming and scary. It will be a miracle if America makes it to his second term intact. Why is he so koi about killing people? (If you don’t think anyone was killed by that missile strike into Syria…then you need to question your gullibility.) Ruptly Bossip You may also like:‘SNL’: Alec […]

Ivanka Trump May Have Influenced Donald Trump’s Decision to Launch Missile Strike in Syria

Ivanka Trump may have influenced her father, President Donald Trump, to launch a cruise missile strike in Syria after President Bashar al-Assad seemingly ordered a gas attack in the country, killing dozens. “Ivanka is a mother of three kids and she has influence. I’m sure she said ‘listen, this is horrible stuff.’ My father will […]

‘SNL’: Alec Baldwin’s Trump Dodges Questions, Gets Compared to ‘Finger Chili’ (Video)

Alec Baldwin brought back his Donald Trump impersonation on tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live! In the show’s cold open, the 59-year-old actor addressed a crowd at a town hall meeting in Kentucky to discuss the current state of affairs. He touched on everything from jobs to health care to the strikes on Syria. “As […]

SNL Castmember Says Donald Trump Is A “Moron,” Struggled To Read Simple Words On Set

SNL Cast Says Donald Trump Can’t Read Apparently, words and reading aren’t high on the list of skills for your current Commander in Chief. According to Page Six. SNL castmember Taran Killam told Brooklyn Magazine that the cast and crew were pretty unimpressed with Donald Trump when he hosted “Saturday Night Live” back in November […]

Truth To Power: Angela Rye Talks Bigoted Bill HO’Reilly, French Montana And ISIS Clowning Trump On Breakfast Club [Video]

Angela Rye Discusses Trump, Bill O’Reilly And More On The Breakfast Club Angela Rye made her regularly scheduled appearance on The Breakfast Club and did a run-through of the weekly f**keries that have taken place in U.S. recently. General Rye is always reppin’. *Black fist* Image via YouTube Bossip You may also like:People Ain’t Isht: […]