Owl cafes a trend that is growing in japan where you can have…

Owl cafes a trend that is growing in japan where you can have coffee with owls. Unbelievable facts You may also like:There’s a hotel in Japan that is staffed by…unbelievable-facts:Yasuke, a 16th century African…Adam Lambert mention via The Gay UK: Is silver is…Stock Up On Sartorial Favourites

Adam Lambert mention via The Gay UK: Is silver is this season’s hair trend? 7 guys who totally own grey #AdamLambert

It seems that there’s a silver trend sweeping through celeb land. Men are going silver and it’s totally, utterly hot. Whether it’s from a bottle, like Adam Lambert’s or natural like John Barrowman’s celebs are turning grey – well Silver to be more accurate and it’s hot. Adam Lambert   Looks incredible with his hair […]

#WeMetOnTwitter Is A Beautiful Trend Showing Love In The Most Unlikely Place

Couples Celebrate Meeting On Twitter “Shoot your shot” is a common refrain all over the internets. Hopping in DMs and seeing what happens is a risk that too many people are afraid to take. These people are celebrating Valentine’s Day with #WeMetOnTwitter to show how they got together. It’s beautiful to see. So let’s celebrate […]

We See You: Apparently, White Folks Think Kim Kardashian Started This Old-School Hood Nail Trend

Kim Kardashian Rocks Pierced Fingernails, White People Are Puzzled Kimmy and crew are good for taking something Black women have been doing (and being criticized for) for eons and suddenly making it a “hot new weird trend” by introducing it to pale people. Remember “boxer braids?” Yeah…exactly. Anyway, the Dash crew is at it again…this […]

Celebs React to ‘Boycott Hamilton’ Trend, Offer to Use Tickets!

After Donald Trump voiced his distaste for the Broadway cast of Hamilton‘s message to VP-elect Mike Pence, the trend #BoycottHamilton was started by his supporters. The irony of this stance is that Hamilton is sold out for the next year and the show is nearly impossible to get tickets for. If anyone actually decides to […]

Amy Schumer And Her BF Totally Nailed The “Stranger Things” Halloween Trend

Elevennnnnn. You know how EVERYONE seems to be dressing up as a Stranger Things character for Halloween? Even the show's star, Millie Bobby Brown, has noticed. instagram.com Well, Amy Schumer and her boyfriend Ben Hanisch decided to get in on the action. Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images But in a fun twist Amy was Dustin […]