24 Child Stars Who Didn’t Go Totally Insane

Not every child star goes off the rails. Sure, we know the stories of Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan, and even Miley Cyrus has certainly turned some heads at times. But many child stars manage to maintain solid careers, become role models, and do some great work for charity. Here are a few who turned […]

19 Fathers Who Totally Deserve Their Special Day

Every day may not be Father's Day. But every day is Hilarious Father's Day when it comes to the following parents. Prepare to LOL upon reading through the funniest father Tweets we've come across online… 1. BE CAREFUL! With whatever it is you are doing. Just be careful. 2. Playing Dad It’s just second nature […]

Neill Blomkamp Says Alien 5 Is Totally Dead

After leaving his mark on the sci-fi genre with the incredible District 9, director Neill Blomkamp followed up his debut pic with Elysium and Chappie. Admittedly, neither film hit quite the same heights that his first effort did, but they were still impressive enough to catch the attention of same pretty important people in Hollywood. As […]

Sofia Vergara is All Smiles in the Shoe Store (We Totally Get It)

Sofia Vergara treated herself to some retail therapy! The 44-year-old actress was spotted letting out a big grin while doing some shoe shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue on Wednesday (May 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Sofia Vergara She also checked out Brazilian designer Martha Medeiros‘ store in Los […]

Adele’s New “Look” For Her 29th Birthday Will Totally Shock You

Hello… The angel-voiced goddess that is Adele turns 29 today –Altogether now: “Happy Birthday, Adele!!!” Columbia And because she is no mere mortal, the talented chanteuse marked this special occasion by unveiling a very, er, interesting ~look~ on Instagram. And it will have you saying, “WHOA, WTF, WAIT…WHAT’S HAPPENING?!” She added the comment, “Nearly 30! […]

Nicki Minaj Totally Fans Out At 2017 MET Gala, Snaps Selfies With EVERYBODY

Nicki Minaj was like a kid in a candy store during the 2017 MET Gala last night. See which celebs she was rubbing elbows with and her reactions inside… It’s the biggest night in fashion and this year’s MET Gala theme was Comme des Garçons’s Rei Kawakubo and her wearable art designs. Rap star Nicki […]

Adam Lambert mention via The Gay UK: Is silver is this season’s hair trend? 7 guys who totally own grey #AdamLambert

It seems that there’s a silver trend sweeping through celeb land. Men are going silver and it’s totally, utterly hot. Whether it’s from a bottle, like Adam Lambert’s or natural like John Barrowman’s celebs are turning grey – well Silver to be more accurate and it’s hot. Adam Lambert   Looks incredible with his hair […]

RELAX GUYS! Ludacris’ Abs Are Totally Fake In ‘Vitamin D’ Video & It Was Meant To Be That Way + United Airlines Loses Millions In Shares After Dragging Incident

Ludacris is speaking out about his enhanced abs in his new “Vitamin D” video after fans tried to come for him on social media. Essentially, it’s just typical Luda behavior. Find out what he said, plus details on United Airline’s shares dropping like flies after a man was dragged off an aircraft inside… Social media […]

Demi Lovato Totally Failed at Ellen’s 5-Second Rule Game

Demi Lovato opened up about her plans to make an R-rated installment to the Camp Rock franchise during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing on Wednesday (April 5), so they decided to play an R-rated version of the game 5-second rule! If you don’t know the rules to the game already, each person […]

Chrissy Teigen Is Totally Grossed Out By Her Mom Cooking Sausages!

Chrissy Teigen‘s mom Vilailuck loves cooking for the family but there’s one meal Chrissy can’t stand! While spending some time together on Monday night (March 27), Vilailuck decided to make some sausages and Chrissy was not pleased! Chrissy naturally took to her Twitter to document the entire experience, where her mom teased her with the […]

Eobard Thawne Totally Remembers Flashpoint

Although Action Comics #976 was probably the most important read this week when it came to the more significant happenings in the DC Universe as a whole, it’s undeniable that The Flash #19 was not to be overlooked either. Granted most of the issue was spent fleshing out the “Sins of the Father” story arc, but it was […]

27 Totally Underrated Musical Artists You Actually Should Be Listening To

Listen up. Some of these artists are on the cusp of mainstream radio airplay, while others are total hidden gems. What they share in common is at least one reader (and in most cases, many more) wanted to share how much they love that particular artist/group! Grimes Who she is: Canadian singer/songwriter Why you should […]