10 Decent Films With Scores Under 30% On Rotten Tomatoes

Since its inception back in 1998, Rotten Tomatoes has grown to become one of the biggest review aggregator sites in the world. In more recent times, though, the site has come under fire, with many proclaiming it as the architect of “the death of cinema and film criticism.” Our resident movie buff, Matt Donato, already […]

Britney Spears Stalks Cameron Diaz’s Instagram, Reposts A 42-Week-Old Picture Of Her Tomatoes, Reveals Herself As A “Something About Mary” Fan, And Remains The Best Person On Instagram

Just a normal Tuesday. Britney Spears is known for reinventing the Las Vegas residency, her diamond certified albums, fun tunes, great albums, stellar music videos, Cheetos and Fraps, wearing chunky heels, her hot boyfriend, not knowing how pronounce Tinashe, her adorable family, putting “Radar” on two albums, outselling all the other girls in general, inspiring […]

Will You Be Watching?? Highly Anticipated Horror/Comedy “Get Out” Gets Rare ‘100% Fresh’ Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

‘Get Out’ Gets Perfect Score With Movie Critics We’ve already been saying for months that we were hype to see what ‘Key & Peele’s’ Jordan Peele had up his sleeve with this film ‘Get Out.’ With a trailer like nothing we’ve ever seen before and a theme we haven’t really seen examined in a horror […]

Trap-griculture: Kids From Minnesota Non-Profit Program Drop Greens, Bean, Potatoes, Tomatoes Rap “Grow Food” [Video]

Appetite For Change Releases Health-Centric Rap Video “Grow Food” There are a lot of things that pose a threat to African-American people across the U.S. We have to navigate violence, police brutality, government apathy and more. And while some of those things may seem like they are out of our control, one the major threats […]