Married Q Parker Is Involved In A Cheating Scandal — DNA Test Underway For Alleged ‘Love Child’ He’s Been Financially Supporting

112’s Q Parker, who is married, is in the middle of a cheating scandal where a woman was paid off in “child support” payments to keep quiet about an alleged love child. Now, it’s all coming to light. More inside… 112 singer Q Parker has been secretly fighting a battle that involves an alleged 11-year-old […]

SMH: ‘18% Black’ Cop Sues Chief Who Allegedly Called Him “Kunte” After Taking Ancestry Test

Splash News White Cop Claims Ain’t Isht Department Ridiculed Him Over “African American” DNA Result A White Michigan police officer took an ancestry test and shared his results with his own department, regretfully. According to MLive, the White officer dealt with racism for disclosing his “18% Black” results. Cleo Brown is suing the city over […]

You Probably Won’t Pass This 90s Music Test If You’re A Millennial

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If you’re a man and pee on a pregnancy test and…

If you’re a man and pee on a pregnancy test and it’s positive, you probably have cancer. Unbelievable facts You may also like:unbelievable-facts:There was a homeless man who…unbelievable-facts:If we could capture just 0.1%…unbelievable-facts:Mike the Headless Chicken was…unbelievable-facts:A frog has been discovered in…

Chris Pratt & ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Cast Test Friendship On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ – Watch Here!

Jimmy Kimmel put the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to the test on last night’s (April 17) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! The 49-year-old host challenged Chris Pratt and his co-stars Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Michael Rooker, and franchise newbie Kurt Russell to a game of Guess the Guardian, a game loosely […]

Only A True Panic! At The Disco Fan Can Pass This Test

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Zack Snyder Shares Image From Henry Cavill’s Man Of Steel Screen Test

Despite some lacking foresight and thinking that Superman won’t be appearing in Justice League, let’s face it, we all know he’ll be there. Still, I have to admit that failing to include Big Blue in the latest round of marketing was indeed a big risk that hopefully won’t backfire. Perhaps that served as minor motivation though for […]

Only True Musical Fans Can Score 100% On This Lyrics Test

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Pure Comedy: Woman Goes To Jail For DUI After Attempting Cartwheels During Test [Video]

New Mexico’s Bryelle Marshall was spotted driving reckless on the streets of Albuquerque and when pulled over, the 23-yr-old failed the sobriety test miserably getting herself locked up. Bryelle attempted to do cartwheels to prove her innocence but failed to the 10th power. Bossip You may also like:First Look At Chadwick Boseman As Thurgood…Woman Attempting […]

Exclusive: Reggie Bush’s Alleged Sidepiece Says Test Proves Bush IS The Father

Monique Exposito Said DNA Test Proved Reggie Bush Fathered Her Baby Son The woman who allegedly gave birth to Reggie Bush’s baby said a DNA test has proven that he did father the tot, BOSSIP has learned. Monique Exposito gave birth to her son on Super Bowl Sunday, but rumors swirled over who her baby’s […]

Exclusive: You Won’t Believe Why Reggie Bush’s Alleged Baby Mama Wants To DNA Test Another Baller

Monique Exposito Concerned About Who Her Baby’s Dad Could Be The woman who allegedly bore Reggie Bush’s son last week plans to paternity test a Major League Baseball player after her baby came out “too light,” BOSSIP has learned. Monique Exposito gave birth to baby Preston Alexander Exposito on Super Bowl Sunday, but she is […]