Is Taylor Swift Really in That Suitcase? Photo Agency Retracts Caption

A photo agency, Splash News, made a claim in a photo caption today that Taylor Swift was being carried in and out of her apartment via a very large suitcase. It turns out, Splash News had to retract the story and told Just Jared that they’ve updated the caption on their site. “I literally just […]

Taylor Swift Did Not One, But TWO, Sneaky Things On Insta Recently And I’m Shook

‘Cause I sure did. Ok, you know how Selena Gomez has that new song “Fetish“? Interscope Records And you know how Taylor is obsessed with the number 13? Big Machine Records Well, the other day, Taylor came out of her social media hiatus to post this: So naturally, I analyzed the shit out of […]

The Hardest Game Of “Which Song Must Go” Taylor Swift Fans Will Ever Play

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Chillax Everyone, Lorde Is Still Friends With Taylor Swift

Come on people!!! This morning the world collectively shook to its literal inner core when lots of people on the internet started reporting that Lorde doesn’t hang out with Taylor Swift anymore. The news spread like cooties in 1st grade. WAS THIS THE DAWNING OF A NEW ERA? HAD THE LAST FIVE YEARS […]

Your Taylor Swift Preferences Will Reveal Which Theme Park You Should Visit Next

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Calvin Harris Is Surprisingly Candid About His Twitter Rant Against His Ex, Taylor Swift

Grab the popcorn, ‘cause here is more of the drama that you came for. I think we can all agree that 2017 has been a long and exhausting year (and we’re only seven months in) full of some REAL drama, so you have probably forgotten about one of the BIGGEST and MESSIESTS dramas of last […]

Fans Think Taylor Swift Is Throwing Her Annual Fourth of July Bash!

Taylor Swift may be staying out of the spotlight but it looks like her annual Fourth of July party is still happening! Fans spotted the massive inflatable water slide from her party last year outside of her home in Rhode Island. Although Taylor has not confirmed that she’ll be hosting a bash this year, it […]

Taylor Swift Makes $400K By Streaming Her Songs Again

Taylor Swift‘s decision to bring her music catalog back to streaming services has proven to be a lucrative one. The 27-year-old entertainer celebrated 10 million albums sold for 1989 by putting all of her songs back on Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and Amazon on June 8. According to Nielsen Music, Taylor‘s streams totaled 47.5 million in […]

Spend A Bunch Of Money At Forever 21 And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Taylor Swift Song

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Put Together Your Own Freakshake And We’ll Tell You If You’re Katy Perry Or Taylor Swift

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Lorde Apologizes For ‘Insensitive’ Comment About Taylor Swift Friendship

Lorde is apologizing after using a strange analogy to describe her friendship with Taylor Swift. In a recent interview, the 20-year-old songstress said that being friends with Taylor is “like having a friend with an autoimmune disease” because you can’t go certain places or do certain things. Lorde immediately received backlash for the comment, which […]

Taylor Swift Fans Have Spotted Her In The Background Of The “Bad Liar” Video

Or maybe we’re just thirsty for any glimpse of Taylor we can get, you be the judge. So… what am I here to talk to you about? Well, I’m glad you asked. Just like most other moments in my life, I want to talk about Taylor Swift. MTV Like, it really, really does look like […]