A Second Trailer For Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D Has Surfaced

Later this summer, moviegoers will once again be forced to forfeit their clothes, boots and motorcycles, but, on the plus side, they’ll be afforded some 3D glasses in return. So, now that I’ve made you conjure up that mental picture, let’s talk about the re-release of one of the most popular science fiction movies of all-time, Terminator […]

2Woke4U: Aaron Hernandez Conspiracy Theories Have Surfaced & They’re Crispy Fried Crazy

Aaron Hernandez Conspiracies Are Flooding The Internet Ex-NFL baller-turned-stone-cold killer Aaron Hernandez has the internet in a TIZZY after taking his own life just days after beating another murder case in a genuinely shocking plot twist that opened 3rd eyes and fired up conspiracy theorist across the universe. Hit the flip to peep the strangely […]

United #DragGate Memes Have Surfaced & ALL CHILL IS GONE

The Internet Erupts With United #DragGate Memes We’d first like to say a passenger being assaulted and dragged off a plane isn’t funny, at all, and we hope the victim gets zillions and his own personal United fleet BUT we couldn’t turn away from the chill-free memes flooding the internet from a hilariously sinister place. […]

Atlanta Bridge Collapse Memes Have Surfaced & ALL CHILL IS GONE

The Internet Erupts With ATL Bridge Collapse Memes We’d first like to say Atlanta’s I-85 bridge collapse isn’t funny, at all, and will likely send the city spiraling into nightmarish chaos BUT there’s no way we can ignore the chill-free memes flooding timelines from an unknown (dark yet devilishly hilarious) place. Hit the flip to […]