Avengers: Infinity War Set Photos Promise Doctor Strange And Spider-Man Team-Up

Production on Avengers: Infinity War might be over now, but new set photos from the shoot are still working their way online. The latest ones, which we have for you below, tease a team-up between two of the newer heroes to join the MCU. Well, kind of. The following two images, snapped by Twitter user @SaraSchon, hint […]

Doctor Strange Director Explains Why Redemptive Deleted Scene Was Cut

Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson has explained his thinking behind removing quite an important moment for Stephen Strange’s character from the theatrical cut of the Marvel movie. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sorcerer Supreme had one of the strongest arcs of any MCU hero so far, but this scene could have added yet another layer to his transformation from arrogant […]

Spidey And Doctor Strange Team Up In Leaked Avengers: Infinity War Photo

With Avengers: Infinity War now having wrapped production, it’s about time we got our first look at the film, isn’t it? True, those lucky individuals who were at D23 last weekend got what was apparently a beyond epic trailer, but us normal folk still haven’t seen anything at all. That’s about to change very, very soon, though. […]

Avengers: Infinity War Co-Director Teases “Great Chemistry” Between Spider-Man And Doctor Strange, Iron Spider Suit Confirmed

Now that D23 is over for another year, and the industry is quietly beginning to brace itself for the onslaught of news coming out of San Diego Comic-Con this coming weekend, moviegoers now have a small window of time to reflect on Disney and Marvel’s respective showcases, not to mention catch up on everything they […]

Stan Lee’s Alternate Cameos In Doctor Strange Revealed

By this point in the game, Stan Lee has effectively been crowned the master of Hollywood cameos. Throughout the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe alone, the comic book legend has played Hugh Hefner, a Xandarian Ladies’ Man, and a postage delivery man who has trouble reading the words “Tony Stark,” and that’s before we begin […]

Scott Derrickson Likely To Return For Doctor Strange 2

Marvel’s got a thing for taking little known characters (well, outside of comic book fans, that is) and turning them into household names that generate significant amounts of cash. First, they did it with the Guardians of the Galaxy and now, they’ve done it again with Doctor Strange. Scott Derrickson’s solo outing for the Sorcerer […]

Doctor Strange Ends Its Box Office Run As Another Massive Success For Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange was in North American theatres for a total of nineteen weeks, and it’s now being reported that the Marvel Studios release has ended that run with an impressive haul of $ 232 million. That’s a solid number and one which guarantees that the Phase 3 film will receive a sequel in the very […]

Doctor Strange Director Teases Potential Sequel Villain

Though Marvel still hasn’t officially given a sequel to Doctor Strange the go-ahead, one would assume it’ll only be a matter of time, especially given that the studio’s latest superhero adventure performed so well at the box office – and when the Sorcerer Supreme (Benedict Cumberbatch) dons the cloak of levitation again, he’s going to need some […]

That Was Indeed The Quantum Realm From Ant-Man In Doctor Strange

While Doctor Strange took us to some very, well, strange places, it was actually Ant-Man which first explored a different side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Scott Lang shrunk down in order to stop Yellowjacket, he was transported to the Quantum Realm, the same place it’s thought Janet Van Dyne is trapped. In Doctor […]

New Doctor Strange Blu-Ray Promo Teases What’s To Come In Phase 3

This weekend, Marvel sent fanboys into a frenzy when they released an exciting new featurette for Avengers: Infinity War. Though it didn’t show off any footage, we got some quick interviews with the cast and crew and even a bit of concept art (which you can check out below), all teasing what’s to come. And according […]

15 Strange Cases of Mass Hysteria That’ll Leave You Baffled

15 Strange Cases of Mass Hysteria That’ll Leave You Baffled: Some really bizarre cases of Mass… Unbelievable facts You may also like:unbelievable-facts:In 1978 Pilot Frederick…Jolie-Pitt split: Couple hire private judge amid…Pulse Orlando Shooter’s Wife Arrested By FBIKremlin Ain’t Isht: Russian Parliament Votes…

Scott Derrickson Says He Didn’t Read Any Doctor Strange Reviews

With a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, Doctor Strange is a bona fide hit for Marvel. Not that we needed any further confirmation of that, mind you. The film is the biggest single character launch for the studio to date and has also smashed through numerous box office records. It wasn’t perfect, to be sure, but director Scott Derrickson […]