Protesters For Kenneka Jenkins Are Still Gathering Outside Hotel, Demand Police Release “The Real Tapes” [Video]

Despite surveillance footage depicting Kenneka Jenkins stumbling around deserted areas of the Crowne Plaza hotel moments before she wandered into a freezer, many people insist there is much more to the story. Social media sleuths have now claimed that the tapes must be tampered with and edited, and some people even insist that they see […]

Jennifer Lopez Still Hasn’t Heard from Family in Puerto Rico, Is Spearheading Relief Efforts

Jennifer Lopez and her cousin Tiana are both waiting to hear from family members who live in Puerto Rico and were affected by Hurricane Maria. The entertainer posted an emotional Instagram video on Thursday night (September 21) in which she asked her fans to donate to the relief efforts to help rebuild Puerto Rico. “The […]

Scott Disick Still Tries To Pound Kourtney Kardashian’s Pint-Sized Poon “Once A Week”

Getty Images Scott Disick Still Attempts To Seduce With Kourtney In a short sneak-peek of this Sunday night’s 10-year anniversary special for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Ryan Seacrest hosts and brings out Scott Disick to talk about the state of his relationship with baby mama Kourtney Kardashian. In typical Kourtney fashion, she gave Scott a super cold greeting […]

“Into You” Deserved So Much Better And I’m Literally Still Over Here Sweating Salt

At this point, I’ll probably never be over it. So it’s been over a year since my personal hero, Ariana Grande, released Dangerous Woman, and I just want to take a moment to recognize “Into You” because it HIGH-KEY DESERVED BETTER. LOOK AT HOW PERFECT SHE IS. Republic Okay, so it’s not like “Into You” […]

Kevin & Eniko Hart Prove They’re Still A Unit After Sex Tape Drama, Torrei Hart Breaks Her Silence

Kevin Hart & Eniko Hart are back to being "a unit" amid all this sex tape-with-a-mistress drama. Pics of the couple out and about, plus Torrei reading both of them for points. The Harts are still united, and no one is surprised.  Pregnant Eniko isn’t going a-ny-where, especially not after she publicly tried to come […]

Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets Director Believes Sequel Still Possible

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets will go down as one of the biggest box office bombs of the year. Like other would-be franchise-starters such as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and The Dark Tower, the visually spectacular but otherwise lacking sci-fi epic received an equally awful critical reception and total gross. So, it wasn’t too much […]

Happy Birthday: Nas Turns 44 Today And We Still Wanna Jump Mr. Jones’ Bones

Scott Legato/Getty Images Birthday Boy Nas Is Aging Like Some Fine Wine September 14th marks the 44th birthday of lendary Queens rapper Nas. On the night before his birthday, he was seen celebrating the night with rumored bae Nicki Minaj–embracing each other for “Happy Birthday” and later licking face after some Henny. Women everywhere are in […]

Mark Ruffalo Deems Hulk Solo Movie A Pipe Dream Because Universal Still Hold Film Rights

The fabled Hulk solo movie has been rendered a pipe dream by Mark Ruffalo…again. Ever since he first climbed aboard the MCU, replacing Edward Norton in the process, Ruffalo has been badgered with questions about a potential Bruce Banner standalone pic, but at least for now, the song remains the same: Universal is still in […]

Go Awf Then: George Clooney Says Steve Bannon Would Be Licking His Azz If He Was Still In Hollywood

WENN/SplashNews George Clooney Slays Steve Bannon At Toronto Film Festival George Clooney isn’t just a fine distinguished actor, he’s also accomplished at reading a racist Republican for filth. While promoting his new film “Suburbicon” at the Toronto Film Fest Friday, Clooney talked about his role as a social disruptor and revealed how much he revels […]

Pure Comedy: Folks Are STILL Howling At Ghost & Tasha’s Underwhelming Reaction To Raina’s Death On Power

Getty Images Power Finale: Folks Question Why Ghost And Tasha Barely Burst A Tear For Raina Ok it’s halfway through the week, so if you haven’t seen the Power season finale, then tough tidday. Raina is DEAD and her parents reacted to her heinous, untimely slaying by having a screaming match in their car. Also, […]

She Can Still Twerk: Cardi B Drops It Low With Her Sister Hennessy Carolina… [Video]

Cardi B. has still got the twerking skills to pay the bills. Bossip You may also like:Money Shot Moves: Cardi B Breaks Down How…The Best Photos From The 2017 MTV Video…Broke Boi Tears: Dusty Crusty Brokies Are…Cardi B Breaks Down How She Wrote Her…

Billie Piper Says Rose Tyler Would Still Be In Love With A Female Doctor

In one fell swoop, the Powers That Be made history earlier this summer by announcing Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor in Doctor Who. It’s a casting milestone that had been long on the cards – at one point, Han Solo actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge emerged as the out-and-out frontrunner – and this Christmas, we’ll see Peter Capaldi hand over the keys to […]