16 New Indie Songs You Need To Put On Your Playlists Right Away

You’re bound to fall in love with at least one of these tunes. Wolf Alice, “Yuk Foo” This is unquestionably 2017's most ferocious breakup song, with Wolf Alice singer Ellie Rowsell gleefully taunting an awful ex over an abrasive punk track that can be accurately described as “2 fast, 2 furious.” youtube.com No Joy, “Hellhole” […]

These Are 27 Songs People Do The Nasty To And Now I Need A Cold Shower

Bangers to bang to. “Redbone” by Childish Gambino “Bone is literally in the title ¯_(ツ)_/¯.” –Suggested by graceh411858d52 NBC / Via youtube.com “Your Body Is A Wonderland” by John Mayer “Anything by John Mayer, really. But especially 'Your Body is a Wonderland.' That man is a master of seduction through song.” –Suggested by emmabemmabobenna Columbia […]

19 Questions About Hit Songs That Will Make You Go, “Yeah, What’s That About?”

Everyone was Kung fu fighting? Like, EVERYONE? Have you ever been listening to a song when suddenly you were like: For example, you might have been like, “Hold up. Why is the rain purple? We need some more detail here, Prince!” Comedy Central View Entire List › BuzzFeed – Music You may also like:Answer These […]

Rihanna Instagrammed “My Bad” After Diplo Revealed She Thought His Music Sounded Like Airport Songs

Unapologetic. I think before we're all done, she'll [Rihanna] be on a song of ours. Hopefully. But if not, I don't really care. I played her “Lean On.” She was like, I don't do house music. I face-palmed so hard on that one. Another time I had a session with her, and Future was also […]

Adam Lambert on Instagram: Had a blast on the N American Tour w @officialqueenmusic!!! Such an Honor to sing the songs Freddie introduced to us all! #AdamLambert

Had a blast on the N American Tour w @officialqueenmusic!!! Such an Honor to sing the songs Freddie introduced to us all! ???? A post shared by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on Aug 6, 2017 at 6:56pm PDT Adam Lambert 24/7 News You may also like:USA Today Review: “Queen, Adam…Adam Lambert on Instagram: En route to…Queen + […]

19 Songs That Mean Something Totally Different If You Really Look At The Lyrics

Are you really listening to those lyrics? Warning: Some of these songs speak of addiction, abuse, rape, death, and suicide. “Hey Ya” – Outkast What it sounds like: It's the ultimate dance track, so you don't even think about the lyrics. What it's actually about: The real story is hidden behind the catchy beat. The […]

BILLBOARD: 7 Songs You Didn’t Know P!nk Wrote (#1: WWFM) #AdamLambert

Between her booming, whiskey-tinged voice and Cirque-like stage performances, it’s easy to forget that P!nk is also an accomplished songwriter.  …  1. “Whataya Want From Me” by Adam Lambert  …  P!nk’s biggest hit as a songwriter for another artist…  Billboard: 7 Songs P!nk…  Adam Lambert 24/7 News You may also like:Actress Mercedes McCambridge who dubbed…Billboard: […]

Can You Guess These Famous Pop Songs From Their Badly Translated Lyrics?

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Pick Eight Hannah Montana Songs And We’ll Reveal Which Miley Cyrus Song You Should Listen To Right Now

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Only People Who Were Really Emo Have Listened To 24/36 Of These Songs

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