Adam Lambert mention via The Gay UK: Is silver is this season’s hair trend? 7 guys who totally own grey #AdamLambert

It seems that there’s a silver trend sweeping through celeb land. Men are going silver and it’s totally, utterly hot. Whether it’s from a bottle, like Adam Lambert’s or natural like John Barrowman’s celebs are turning grey – well Silver to be more accurate and it’s hot. Adam Lambert   Looks incredible with his hair […]

Attitude Magazine: Adam Lambert Photo “Grey & Silver Hair…One Of The Season’s Hottest Trends” #AdamLambert

From Attitude Magazine: GREY AND SILVER HAIR: HOW TO GET ON BOARD WITH ONE OF THIS SEASON’S HOTTEST TRENDS 2 QUOTES from the article: “At one time, grey hair was only associated with ageing, but as the ranks of A-listers embracing silver strands continues to grow, choosing to go grey is looking hotter and hotter.”“Zayne Malik, Adam Lambert, […]

Diablo III Seasons Finally Arrive On Xbox One And PlayStation 4 This Month

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players of Diablo III will soon get access to the Seasons game mode that had previously only been available on PC, Blizzard has announced. Due to kick off on March 31, the developer says the feature’s debut on consoles will begin at Season 10 to maintain consistency with PC and […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Renewed for Two More Seasons!

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will be happy to hear this news – the show has been renewed for two more seasons! The five original stars of the series – Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg, and Kunal Nayyar – are taking a pay cut for the additional seasons so that their […]

The Final Two Seasons Of Game Of Thrones Will “Break Boundaries,” According To Kit Harington; Ed Sheeran Cameo Confirmed

Don’t be fooled into thinking that HBO plans to quietly wind down Game of Thrones just because of the reduced episode count; if anything, the final, truncated two seasons will give showrunners the ability to “break boundaries” through the use of cutting-edge CGI and new camera techniques. That’s according to Kit Harington, whose Jon Snow […]

What Took Y’all So Long? Next Season’s “The Bachelorette” Star Is A Sista

Meet The First Black “Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay ABC gets a long awaited late pass. According to US Weekly, the network is set to make a “historic” announcement on tonight’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” — season 13 of “The Bachelorette” will search for a love match for the very first African-American female lead — Rachel Lindsay. Lindsay […]

ispyafamousface: After a couple of seasons starring in Orange is…

ispyafamousface: After a couple of seasons starring in Orange is the New Black as Officer Fischer, Lauren Lapkus appeared in Jurassic World as Vivian, an employee working in the control room at the Jurassic World theme park.  follow us on twitter! @ispyafamousface follow us on instagram! @ispyafamousface I Spy A Famous Face You may also […]

‘This Is Us’ Gets The Greenlight For TWO More Seasons! + Paris Jackson May Appear On ‘STAR’, Rocks Chanel Photoshoot

Finally! One of our newest obsessions will soon give us even more episodes to yell, scream and cry over. Plus find out if Paris Jackson will appear on Lee Daniels’ “Star” series inside… If you’re a fan of NBC’s “This Is Us” (like us), then you’ll be happy to know the hit family drama has […]

Robert Kirkman Hopes For At Least 10 Seasons Of The Walking Dead

While it would be a bit unfair to say that The Walking Dead is in trouble, it’s certainly far from its heyday. Season 7 got off to an electrifying, if controversial, start, but since then it’s been a rather dull journey, full of boring subplots, extended runtimes that wasted their extra minutes and too much focus being placed […]

‘Girl Meets World’ Cancelled at Disney Channel After 3 Seasons

Girl Meets World will end with the current third season. The show’s writers announced the news that Disney Channel decided to cancel the beloved show. “It is with incredible pride in our work and complete sadness that things end, that I report to this wonderful audience that our show is over,” they tweeted. “I just […]

Is This Beauty Biz Boss The Latest Addition To Next Season’s LHHATL Cast?

Glam Shop Owner Sierra Rumored To Be Joining Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Love and Hip-Hop NY may currently be showing on VH1, but you know that only means producers are working feverishly to prepare you guys for the upcoming sixth season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” which is bound to introduce us […]

Iain Glen Says The Final Seasons Of Game Of Thrones Will Be “More Extraordinary”

For the past several years, HBO’s Game of Thrones has been an absolute juggernaut. It’s without a doubt one of the most successful shows on television at the moment and has an enormous fanbase to boot. But nothing lasts forever and after two more seasons, it’ll all come to an end. Despite the fact that the […]