Not Nice: Kim Kardashian ?Shades Black Beauty Blogger For Honest Review On KKW Beauty Line?

Kim Kardashian Shuts Out Jackie Aina? Beautiful brown beauty blogger Jackie Aina gave her honest review on Kim Kardashian’s KKW beauty line by request of her fans and Kimmy Cakes tried to erase her from her social media tags? That’s what it seems like. Kim posted up photos of a hand selected group of beauty […]

The Beguiled Review

Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled resembles a decadent pie stuffed with poison apples. Fluffy mounds of cream and a golden, crispity crust – Coppola’s atmospheric outer layer – entice hungry audiences on sight alone. Southern comfort reminds of firefly fields and womanly sophistication in the most innocent ways. Aromatic warmth wofts under noses, but each bite – the scenes […]

The Big Sick Review

In today’s movie-watching culture, festival buzz can be a killer. Look at The Witch. Early hype lauded Robert Eggers’ thriller as one of the year’s “scariest” films, which led mainstream audiences to expect something far less unconventional. In many ways, I was worried that the Judd Apatow-produced, Michael Showalter-directed The Big Sick would be slighted by […]

Preacher Season 2 Review

Two episodes were provided prior to broadcast. Preacher is not for everyone. If the cheesily perfect outer space-faring opening minutes of the show’s premiere season weren’t warning enough, the next ten hours eventually amassed an impressive assortment of spontaneous combustion, an Irish vampire with a machine gun for a mouth, mind-control super powers, immortal angels, […]

47 Meters Down Review

Back in the summer of 2016, Johannes Roberts’ 47 Meters Down readied itself for a guppy-sized VOD release (renamed Into The Deep). Then, without warning, his bottom-feeding nightmare was yanked from distribution. Why? Because Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios purchased the rights and organized a 2017 theatrical campaign through Freestyle Releasing. Jaume Collet-Serra’s The Shallows proved that damsels-in-aquatic-distress could turn a profit, so […]

Detective Comics #958 Review

This review contains minor spoilers. Detective Comics #958 marks the beginning of the new arc, “Intelligence,” and what a start it is. While “League of Shadows” might’ve left an overall meh feeling, this new Azrael-centric storyline looks anything but boring. Yes, you read that right. This one is all about Jean-Paul Valley. Can we get […]

Cinemaholics #18: The Mummy Review

Universal’s Dark Universe franchise kicked off this past weekend with The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise, and the Cinemaholics gather around the podcast table to discuss the movie with special guest Andy Herndon. Elsewhere on the show, Jon, Will and Maveryke also review A24’s It Comes At Night, starring Joel Edgerton. Is it a horror movie or a […]

Orphan Black Season 5 Review

One episode was provided prior to broadcast. As Orphan Black reaches its final stretch, a few questions remain rightfully unanswered: What’s the true fate of the sestras, and will Tatiana Maslany ever be able to top her historic performance in this landmark series? The answer to the latter is hopefully yes, and the first good […]

Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Review

Five episodes were provided prior to broadcast. In the wake of tragedy last summer, a new season of Netflix’s chaotically clever prison drama Orange Is The New Black was like a warm, empowering hug after a particularly terrible day. The show was bold, brave, and boisterous to the extent that it was easy to wonder […]