Winchester Review

San Jose’s Winchester mansion is considered one of the most haunted, puzzling architectural achievements in American history. As the name suggests, this labyrinth-crafted structural oddity drew funding from the Winchester Repeating Arms Company – widow Sarah Winchester began construction after her husband and baby passed away and only stopped because of her own death. Legend […]

Shadow Of The Colossus (PS4) Review

By sheer coincidence, I’ve spent the last week playing two games that, on paper, couldn’t be any more different from each other. Despite its greater emphasis on accessibility, Monster Hunter World (which, for the record, I’m quickly becoming a fan of) is complex to say the least, with a dozen different gameplay systems to learn and master, […]

Maze Runner: The Death Cure Review

Why would an organization committed to the survival of humanity call themselves W.C.K.D.? It’s almost as if author James Dashner, in all his subtlety, said “Well, readers need to know the good guys from the bad guys, so I found a synonym for ‘evil’ and used it to name the antagonistic organization at the center […]

Cinemaholics #49: Maze Runner: The Death Cure Review

This week, the Cinemaholics are back to review Maze Runner: The Death Cure, the third and final installment of the YA franchise starring Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Giancarlo Esposito, Patricia Clarkson, Ki Hong Lee, Aidan Gillen and many others. Is it worth running back into the maze though, or should even the biggest fans steer clear […]

Cinemaholics #48: Phantom Thread Review

Paul Thomas Anderson’s newest film, Phantom Thread is finally hitting more theaters, so the Cinemaholics have invited special guest Kimber Myers to help review it. Daniel Day-Lewis stars in what will apparently be his final film role ever (but hopefully not), along with Lesley Manville and Vicky Krieps, but does the pic deserve all of the Oscar […]

Cinemaholics #47: Paddington 2 Review

The Cinemaholics were just as surprised as you were when the first Paddington turned out to be a terrific film for kids and adults. Now, its highly anticipated sequel, Paddington 2, is finally out in U.S. theaters, so it’s time to snack on some marmalade and discuss the ongoing adventures of everyone’s favorite talking bear in London. Elsewhere […]

Black Lightning Season 1 Review

Two episodes were provided prior to broadcast. To say that we as fans of superheroes are enjoying an embarrassment of riches these days is an understatement. Not only are a wide array of these characters flooding cinemas, but they’re also populating airwaves as of late. But while a two-hour movie can be taken in at […]