Black Trump Supporter “I’m So Tired Of People Picking On Donald Trump!” [Video]

All these Trump supporters just can’t seem to give a good example of how he kept his promises so far. Bossip You may also like:Salma Hayek Reveals That Donald Trump Once…Johnny Depp Apologizes for Joking About…Jimmy Kimmel Has ‘Exclusive First…Kathy Griffin Fired from CNN over Trump photos

Body Party: Tracee Ellis Ross Says “F**k That, That’s Not Fair” To People Criticizing Women’s Bodies

Tracee Ellis Ross Covers The New Issue Of Redbook Magazine Tracee Ellis Ross is a bad muthaf**ka. There doesn’t appear to be an imperfect part on her body. However, like all of us, there are things that she wasn’t always secure about, but those days are over. In the latest edition of Redbook magazine, Ross […]

Halle Berry On Downsides Of Sharing Life On Social Media: ‘Suddenly I Am Dating 100 People’

Halle Berry is opening about the downsides of sharing her personal life and connecting with fans on social media. “There are some things that can kill a brand, things that can happen today because of social media. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, but that power can be misused,” the 50-year-old Oscar-winning actress shared […]

People Ain’t Isht: Becky Boo-Hoos After Being Found Guilty Of Encouraging Boyfriend’s Suicide

Image via Getty/Kalpak Pathak/Hindustan Times Massachusetts Woman Found Guilty Of Encouraging Boyfriend’s Suicide This is f**ked up and this chick deserves every second of prison time that she could be given. The DailyMail is reporting that 20-year-old Michelle Carter of Massachusetts was found guilty of manslaughter after sending numerous texts to her then-boyfriend, Conrad Roy, […]

People Think Bob Dylan Plagiarized His Nobel Lecture From SparkNotes

Like a trolling stone. Remember when Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature last year and everyone lost it? He was the first songwriter to receive the award — considered the highest honor in literature. Writers and musicians deliberated about whether he should have been eligible, and Dylan himself was characteristically rebellious about the […]

People Think Barack Obama Just Leaked The Genders Of Jay Z & Beyoncé’s Twins

The Beyhive, stans, and the like just had a late night surprise in the form of a possible leak.  We can all thank Barack Obama for that. See what he just said about the Carter twins inside… Former President Barack Obama inducted Jay Z into the Songwriters Hall of Fame Thursday night, making Hov the […]

Shania Twain’s New Single Just Dropped And People Are Living For It

IT’S ABOUT TO GET GOOD. Shania Twain, Queen of ’90s country, has OFFICIALLY dropped her single — the first new song we’ve heard from her in 15 years — and it’s an incredible summer jam. Instagram: @shaniatwain IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, LISTEN FOR YOURSELF: View Entire List › BuzzFeed – Music You may […]

Choose Your Favorite K-Pop Girl Groups And We’ll Reveal What People Love Most About You

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Harpo, Who Dese People? XXL’s 2017 Freshman Class Sparks Hilarious Chaos XXL’s New Freshman Class Breaks The Internet We go through this EVERY YEAR and it’s always hilarious. XXL drops its highly anticipated Freshman Class featuring the hottest of the hottest new-ish rappers who spark hilarious chaos (and never-ending fan debates) across the whole entire internet. Peep the hilarious chaos over XXL’s 2017 freshman class. […]

#AmberRoseChallenge People Are Recreating Amber Rose’s Pristine Puddycat Photo & It’s Hilarious

First the Bow Wow challenge, now this… Amber Rose Reacts To The #AmberRoseChallenge After Muva showed her regal rosebud to millions this weekend, the sexy #Slutwalk advocate started a social media trend. The #AmberRoseChallenge is taking over Instagram with hilarious hairy hoo-hah snaps endorsed by Amber Rose herself. “Amber Rose challenge anyone? wrote Amber. “Lol […]

People Ain’t Isht: Arizona Grocery Shoppers Find Distressed Newborn Stuffed In Jonas Brothers Backpack

Getty Images SMH: Food Shoppers Find Arizona Baby Abandoned In Jonas Brother Backpack A pedestrian leaving a Food City store in Tempe, Arizona stumbled upon something peculiar in a shopping cart in the store’s parking lot. According to AZ Central, the good samaritan heard a baby screaming inside of it. Not only was the child […]

DJ Khaled’s 8-Month-Old Son Has Met More Famous People Than We Ever Will

Bless up. Meet Asahd Khaled, the most accomplished and adorable baby the world has ever seen. Seriously, this kid is already the executive producer of DJ Khaled’s upcoming album, Grateful*, which is set to drop on June 23. *DJ Khaled is also his dad. At just eight months old, Asahd really has a […]