Peep The Full Trailer For (Partially Leaked) Season 5 Of “Orange Is The New Black” [Video]

Despite the fact that hackers somehow stole the entire 5th season of OITNB and leaked episodes after the company refused to pay up…Netflix is still releasing the new season of the hit show on the scheduled date. If you haven’t already taken a sneak peek at the illegally uploaded episodes…how’s this teaser looking?? Netflix Bossip […]

Hate It Or Love It? Peep Lil Yachty’s Intersectional Album Cover For ‘Teenage Emotions’

Lil Yachty Releases Album Cover And Track List For ‘Teenage Emotions’ For those of you who are into this sort of thing, we’re sure you’ll be excited to know that Lil Yachty’s debut album, Teenage Emotions, will be released very soon. The colorful Atlanta rapper took to Twitter to release both the album art as […]

Celebrity Cribs: Peep The Plush Pad Where Wiz Khalifa And Bash Kicked Back For Coachella Wiz Khalifa Lives Large In Palm Desert With Bash And The Taylor Gang Wiz Khalifa and his family indulged in the big festival weekend like true music royalty in the recently restored $ 10 million Firestone estate courtesy of Airbnb. Located in the most desirable section of Palm Desert, with over 7,000 square feet […]

4 Your Eyez Only: Peep The Trailer For J. Cole’s New HBO Special [Video]

‘J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only’ Trailer Lets You In On His Conversational Tour Of America Light-skinned Jermaine will be front-and-center on HBO primetime tonight as his titular film 4 Your Eyez Only hits the air. The short takes viewers on an adventure across the American midwest and southern region talking to folks about race, […]

This Looks GOOD: Peep The New Full-Length Trailer For Netflix’s “Dear White People” [Video]

This looks good…although it looks a WHOLE LOT like a rehashing of the original film. We’re interested to see how much they extend the story. Netflix/YouTube Bossip You may also like:The ‘Dear White People’ Trailer Will Have…Adam Sandler Will Make Four More Movies for…Brad Pitt’s ‘War Machine’…Pure Comedy: Netflix Releases Trailer For Dave…

Peep The First Promo For “Black Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay’s Season [Video]

Well, there’s enough ratchet reality with our faces on it out there…maybe this will be a nice change of pace? Judging from the early cuts, we’re already anticipating some awkward moments on this one… Twitter Bossip You may also like:Big Brother Blues: This Little Boy Is FED UP With…Run The Jewels Gets Into The St. […]

Peep The Trailer For Historical Drama ‘Detroit’ Starring John Boyega, Anthony Mackie, Jason Mitchell And More [Video]

‘Detroit’ First Trailer Is A Must-See The 1967 police raid in Detroit set off a historical uprising in the city that is rarely talked about in the mainstream when it comes to civil unrest. The new film Detroit looks to change that with a powerful narrative starring the likes of John Boyega, Anthony Mackie, Jason […]

DAYA Noooo! Peep The Chilling “Orange Is The New Black” Season 5 Teaser

New “Orange Is The New Black” Teaser Two seasons ago, Orange is the New Black was a Top 5 Netflix show with a hilariously endearing take on the cruel private prison industry that spiraled into a not-very-funny mishmash of pain, suffering and heartbreak by Season 4 and continues based on the chilling Season 5 teaser. Peep some […]

For The Stans: Peep The Doll That Celebrates Beyoncé’s Double Gut Full Grammy Performance

Beyoncé Doll Created By Brazilian Fan Recreates Her Pregnant Grammy Look Wow this is truly incredible. We’re interestest to see what Beysus stans think about a new doll created in Brazil that mimics her Grammy Awards performance get up. The doll was made by a man named Marcus Baby, who recreated Bey’s regal look in […]

Quick Thinkin’: Peep This Story Of A Smart Atlanta Woman Who Saved Herself And Husband During Carjacking

Woman Saves Herself And Husband From Potentially Violent Carjacking According to a report on WSBTV, a quick-thinking woman most likely saved her life, as well as the life of her husband during a harrowing carjacking. While driving down the Campbellton Road in southwest Atlanta with her husband, the unidentified woman says a man jumped in […]

What About These Russian Ties? Peep The Weird Music Vid Donald Trump Appeared In For A Russian Billionaire [Video]

For someone who swears he has no relationships, no business deals, and no acquaintances in Russia…he sure didn’t seem to have an issue cashing a check and shooting a music video two years back for a Russian Billionare’s son’s pet project… But hey, that’s y’all’s president… YouTube Bossip You may also like:Donald Trump Press Conference […]

DrakeLo Going Strong: Peep The $100K Gift That Drake Just Bought His Boo Jenny…

Drake Buys J.Lo $ 100,000 Necklace For New Year’s Drake is trying his damnedest to lock down that latina loving from J.Lo. If you needed any additional proof that Champagne Papi is serious about making Jennifer is main Mami…look no further than the $ 100,000 diamond-decked Tiffany’s stunner that he placed around her neck…just because. […]