Cleanliness Is Next To Supremacist: Peep How Blantantly Racist This Soap Dispenser Is [Video]

Image via Getty This Soap Dispenser Is Racist As Hell We’ve seen a LOT of racist s#it in our day, but this one right here is absolutely mind-boggling. The following video was uploaded to Twitter by an Africa Facebook employee (oh, the irony) that depicts an automatic soap dispenser that would not work for him […]

Negan Gotta Go: Peep The New Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 8 [Video]

It’s still a few months out and plagued by tragedy at the moment, but The Walking Dead‘s new season finally got a trailer, revealed at Comic Con on Friday. For fans of the show, are you feeling this one? YouTube/AMC Bossip You may also like:Here’s When We’ll See The First Trailer…‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8…Negan […]

Your Kids Are Watching: Peep Joyner Lucas’ Powerful Parent-Shaming Music Clip “Just Like You” [Video]

Image via Graeme Robertson/Getty Images Joyner Lucas’ Must-Watch Music Video For “Just Like You” This one goes out the parents out there with young children. You might think they are too young to understand or peep certain foul s#it that you do, but they’re not. They see it all. And they don’t wanna be like […]

Issa Bae Byke! Peep The Promo For Season 2 Of “Insecure”

Season 2 Of “Insecure” Airs On 7/23 On HBO It’s been a good week for the stars of HBO’s hit show “Insecure.” First Amanda Seales went viral schoolin’ Caitlyn about white privilege. Issa Rae posted a promo clip on her Instagram reminding us that the new season is mere weeks away at this point. Looks […]

Talkin’ Cash: Peep The Notable Money-Makin’ Melanoids Who Cracked Forbes “Highest Paid Entertainers” List

Image via WENN Forbes Ranks The Highest Paid Entertainers For 2017 It’s that time of year again. The folks at Forbes have ranked the top 100 highest paid entertainers for 2017 and there are quite a few African-American faces who clocked MAJOR dollars this past year. Of course there are the familiar faces that you […]

Race Matters: Peep The Differences In How White And Black People Talk About “White Privilege” [VIDEO]

Does This Video About White Privilege Surprise You? White Privilege is finally becoming something that many white people are aware of and conscious about — at least in this video, filmed by conservative filmmaker Ami Horowitz BUT we think the tactics used here are pretty skewed. For example, interviewing white people outside of a white […]

Peep The Full Trailer For (Partially Leaked) Season 5 Of “Orange Is The New Black” [Video]

Despite the fact that hackers somehow stole the entire 5th season of OITNB and leaked episodes after the company refused to pay up…Netflix is still releasing the new season of the hit show on the scheduled date. If you haven’t already taken a sneak peek at the illegally uploaded episodes…how’s this teaser looking?? Netflix Bossip […]

Hate It Or Love It? Peep Lil Yachty’s Intersectional Album Cover For ‘Teenage Emotions’

Lil Yachty Releases Album Cover And Track List For ‘Teenage Emotions’ For those of you who are into this sort of thing, we’re sure you’ll be excited to know that Lil Yachty’s debut album, Teenage Emotions, will be released very soon. The colorful Atlanta rapper took to Twitter to release both the album art as […]

Celebrity Cribs: Peep The Plush Pad Where Wiz Khalifa And Bash Kicked Back For Coachella Wiz Khalifa Lives Large In Palm Desert With Bash And The Taylor Gang Wiz Khalifa and his family indulged in the big festival weekend like true music royalty in the recently restored $ 10 million Firestone estate courtesy of Airbnb. Located in the most desirable section of Palm Desert, with over 7,000 square feet […]

4 Your Eyez Only: Peep The Trailer For J. Cole’s New HBO Special [Video]

‘J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only’ Trailer Lets You In On His Conversational Tour Of America Light-skinned Jermaine will be front-and-center on HBO primetime tonight as his titular film 4 Your Eyez Only hits the air. The short takes viewers on an adventure across the American midwest and southern region talking to folks about race, […]

This Looks GOOD: Peep The New Full-Length Trailer For Netflix’s “Dear White People” [Video]

This looks good…although it looks a WHOLE LOT like a rehashing of the original film. We’re interested to see how much they extend the story. Netflix/YouTube Bossip You may also like:Robert Pattinson Runs From the Law in ‘Good…The Love Actually Cast Reunite In Red Nose Day…Robert Pattinson Suits Up For ‘Good…Netflix’s Castlevania Trailer Teases A […]

Peep The First Promo For “Black Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay’s Season [Video]

Well, there’s enough ratchet reality with our faces on it out there…maybe this will be a nice change of pace? Judging from the early cuts, we’re already anticipating some awkward moments on this one… Twitter Bossip You may also like:Let ‘Em Fight! Footage Of THAT Brawl Between…Exclusive: Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s Baby…The Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay on […]