Fox’s Gambit Spinoff Is Starting Over, Channing Tatum Reiterates

Similar to how Ryan Reynolds pledged his allegiance to Fox’s long-in-development Deadpool solo movie, Channing Tatum’s ongoing commitment to the Gambit spinoff is really the stuff of legend in the realm of comic book movies. And just like the Merc With a Mouth before him, Remy LeBeau’s long, meandering journey to the silver screen has been fraught […]

Game Over Man, Game Over: Nintendo Fans Sleep Through First SNES Classic Pre-Order

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Future Is Still Pressed Over Jay Z’s Money Phone Lyrics, Fires Subliminal After Hov’s Rare Podcast

Future is still pressed over Jay Z’s money phone lyrics. He hopped on Twitter to fire a subliminal after Hov tried to explain what he meant about the money phone in his rare podcast interview. Deets inside… Future is still pressed over Jay Z’s lyrics on the track “Story Of OJ.” On the 4:44 track, […]

Michael Eric Dyson & Brunell Donald-Kyei Go At It Over Trump “Your A Race Baiter” [Video]

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The Galactic Empire Expected To Loom Large Over Ron Howard’s Han Solo Movie

Long before the First Order reigned over the galaxy, there was the Galactic Empire. Brought to power under the watchful eye of Emporer Palpatine (AKA Darth Sidious), last Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, the Empire ruled the cosmos with an iron fist, and it wasn’t until Alliance forces cobbled together a resistance effort in the […]

‘Genius Businesswoman’ Kim Kardashian Ignorantly Tells People ‘Get Over’ Jeffree Star’s ‘Racist Remarks,’ Then Backtracks

Kim Kardashian West found herself in hot water after defending beauty blogger Jeffree Star, a makeup guru known for making CONSTANT racist remarks. Of course, she’s backtracking after getting thoroughly dragged, per usual. Get the story inside…. Sighs…where do we start? OK! Kim Kardashian West is working our last reserved nerve with these artificial apologies. […]

Warning: If You Read This And Are Over Age 25 Then You Will Feel 84

“Who is she?” —Me, screaming from my lawn after recovering from plastic surgery because I need it to feel young again. What the Teen Choice Awards were like in 2003: JC Chasez in some questionable button-down that maybe says “charisma”? And Jessica Alba. Kevin Winter / Getty Images What the Teen Choice Awards look like […]

Ryan Reynolds “Devastated” Over Deadpool 2 Stuntwoman’s Death

UPDATE: The victim has now been identified as Joi “SJ” Harris and apparently, this was her first film stunt. Earlier today, tragedy struck the set of Fox’s Deadpool 2 in Vancouver when a stuntwoman was killed in a shocking accident. Investigations are still underway and it’s unclear what exactly went wrong – was it driver error, or […]

Ezekiel Elliot Is Getting Plenty Of Support After 6-Game Suspension Over Domestic Violence, Alleged Victim Shows Bruises

The season barely even started and Ezekiel Elliot is already in hot water.  Again.  Deets inside on his suspension, and all the people who are interestingly defending him even after the alleged victim reveals her bruises…   Every time Cowboys fans think "this is our year," they get hit with a "not so much."  Star […]

FEUD REIGNITED? Brandy Had Time To Pop Off On Monica’s Fans (Again) Over Whitney Houston Birthday Tribute

This Brandy vs. Monica feud is still going on in 2017. Well, kinda. Find out what we mean inside… Whitney Houston’s birthday came and went. But apparently, the late icon’s birthday has reignited some beef between two R&B singers. Well….kinda. We say kinda because only one of them was really poppin’ off. And that would […]

Zendaya, Yara Shahidi & All The YBF Kids & Teens Take Over The Young Hollywood Party

Young, Black Hollywood showed up and showed out! Go inside to see pics of Zendaya, Yara Shahidi and several other YBFers partying it up at the Young Hollywood bash inside…   Rock out! Last night, the young Hollywood stars aligned to party it up at Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood bash held at TAO. Some […]

“Despacito” is now most-watched video on YouTube with over 3…

“Despacito” is now most-watched video on YouTube with over 3 billion views in just 7 months. Unbelievable facts You may also like:‘Despacito’ (Sans Justin…“Despacito” Has Dethroned…Every Single Boy From Charli XCX’s…Charli XCX’s New Video Has A Whole…