Video: Olivier Assayas mentions Kristen at the Cannes Film Festival – 17 May 2017 #KristenStewart

Olivier Assayas mentions watching ‘Come Swim’ and talks about Kristen from 9 mins (dubbed with English translation). Source Team Kristen Site You may also like:Photo of Kristen and the ‘Come Swim’…Olivier Assayas talks ‘Personal…Photos of Kristen for Madame Figaro at the Cannes…Melissa McCarthy mentions Kristen on SNL with THR…

Melissa McCarthy mentions Kristen on SNL with THR #KristenStewart

Melissa McCarthy, Guest Star: Back in February, I was on a plane with Kristen [Stewart] — she was coming out to host SNL; I was coming out to shoot a movie. She has a reputation for not loving to be interviewed, which I think becomes very funny, so I shamelessly pitched her [this monologue idea […]

Olivier Assayas talks ‘Personal Shopper’ and mentions Kristen with South China Morning Post #KristenStewart

When the French writer-director Olivier Assayas first cast Kristen Stewart in a movie he had only seen a couple of the Twilight movies. Every accolade that has followed that inspired decision – including Stewart’s best supporting actress prize for her role in Clouds of Sils Maria at the 2015 Césars, as the first American actress […]

‘Lizzie’ co-star, Chloe Sevigny, mentions Kristen with Net-a-Porter #KristenStewart

She’ll also star in psychological thriller Lizzie, alongside Kristen Stewart, based on the true story of Lizzie Borden who was accused of killing her father and stepmother. Sevigny plays the title role and describes Stewart, who plays maid Bridget Sullivan, as someone “who loves her craft. At that age, I didn’t have the confidence to […]

Kate Flynn, from the band The Winter Passing, mentions Kristen #KristenStewart

Pick the director and lead actor(s) for a biopic about your life.  Director – M. Night Shyamalan, because for so many reasons my life is a contemporary supernatural plot line. Actor – Kristen Stewart, because Kristen Stewart.Source Team Kristen Site You may also like:Jim Sturgess joins the cast of ‘JT…Video: Olivier Assayas mentions Kristen at […]

Anne Hathaway mentions Kristen with the Refinery29 #KristenStewart

AH: “I think so. I read something that Kristen Stewart said the other day and it just knocked my socks off [about] this notion that celebrities or actresses — this idea of the mythic female, the untouchability. We finally punctured it, and shit’s getting real, and that’s so much more fun. And first of all, […]

Video: Ashley Greene mentions Kristen with Entertainment Tonight #KristenStewart

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Olivier Assayas talks about ‘Personal Shopper’ and mentions Kristen with Interview magazine #KristenStewart

Personal Shopper is not what you’d expect from its title or trailer. Written and directed by French filmmaker Olivier Assayas, it is not a film about the glamorous fashion world, though, as a backdrop, it does serve as a jarring contrast to the protagonist’s personal life. It isn’t entirely about the supernatural, either, in spite […]

‘Personal Shopper’ costar Sigrid Bouaziz mentions Kristen with W Magazine #KristenStewart

Who are your style icons? Chloé Sevigny, because she’s modern and sensual. Or Kristen Stewart; boyish, ultra-feminine, and sensual all at the same time. You just worked with Stewart, as well as directer Olivier Assayas in Personal Shopper. What was that experience like? I loved it so much. Both of them were so caring; it […]

Olivier Assayas talks ‘Personal Shopper’ and mentions Kristen with the 730 Review #KristenStewart

At the Q&A screening of Personal Shopper, a couple of audience members mentioned being scared. Would you agree the film is scary? I don’t know. If they were scared I suppose it’s scary. It’s not scary for me because I’ve done it. It’s something you can’t really quantify. I suppose that genre filmmakers can know […]

Kelly Riechardt talks ‘Certain Women’ and mentions Kristen with i-D Vice #KristenStewart

I am interested in why you choose to work in rural locations and why specifically Montana, for this film. These stories were written for Montana so that was the natural place to go. In Montana you’re really locked in by the mountain ranges, it was the least tuned in to the politics of life that […]

Kelly Riechardt talks about ‘Certain Women’ and mentions Kristen with View of the Arts #KristenStewart

“They are really full characters who have everyday kind of problems” American filmmaker Kelly Reichardt says of the characters that lead her new film Certain Women. Played by Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart, and Lily Gladstone respectively, these women are our window into an intriguing yet isolated life in the American North West. They’re […]