Adam Lambert mention on Pic via Washington Post: Five famous musicians who are also science stars #AdamLambert

 Adam Lambert, left, and Brian May, right, of Queen. (Felipe Dana/AP) When scientists apply music to their work, the results can be surprisingly beautiful. Canadian astrophysicists, for instance, recently translated the orbits of the exoplanet TRAPPIST-1 system into audio. The music was no random jumble of notes; the harmonized motion became a complex, looping song. […]

Queen + Adam Lambert Pic mention via Kansas City: A mega list of concerts happening in KC area this summer #AdamLambert

Brian May of Queen (left) and Adam Lambert will bring their show to Sprint Center on July 9. LINK: A mega list of concerts happening in KC area this summer  Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS    Read more here: Adam Lambert 24/7 News You may also like:Detroit News: Top 20 Summer […]

PEOPLE: Adam Lambert mention via Who Will Be the New Simon, Paula and Randy? PEOPLE Editors Dream Cast the American Idol Reboot’s Judging Panel #AdamLambert

American Idol will return, on ABC, in 2018. O.G. judge Simon Cowell has already turned down an offer to take back his seat on the judge’s table. Season one winner Kelly Clarkson is out because she’s already signed on for NBC’s The Voice. So who will sit on the judges’ panel? PEOPLE editors choose their […]

Harry Styles Had the Best Reaction to Kardashian Mention on ‘Late, Late Show’

Harry Styles just kicked off his residency on the Late, Late Show and it’s off to a great start! The 23-year-old entertainer joined host James Corden as he sat down with actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson and they had a pretty interesting conversation! While the trio were chatting, Aaron happened to mention that he keeps a family […]

Adam Lambert mention via Daily Mail: As American Idol returns to our TV screens, what happened to its previous contestants? #AdamLambert

  In the 15 years American Idol was on air, it propelled the careers of countless talented musicians into the mainstream. For many unlucky others, however, it was the heartbreak of a lifetime as millions of viewers across the nation watched as the hopeful stars had their dreams crushed by the panel of famous judges […]

Adam Lambert mention via Buddy TV: Who Should Judge ABC’s ‘American Idol’ Reboot? #AdamLambert

American Idol is coming back to TV, this time on ABC. Over the past several days and weeks, there’s been a lot of speculation over which network would snag the iconic show. Now that that’s settled, one of the remaining questions is: who will the judges be? The Hollywood Reporter says that there’s a chance […]

Adam Lambert mention via Life Zette: Five Things We Missed About ‘American Idol’ #AdamLambert

A reality television show where aspiring singers compete for a recording contract and a shot at fame and wealth? Sounds like a winning formula — and “American Idol” on Fox was just that, year after year, until its end in 2016. Launched in 2002, the show focused on finding the best singers, but it also […]

Adam Lambert mention via Rolling Stone: ‘American Idol’: 20 Best, Worst and WTF Moments #AdamLambert

  Best: Adam Lambert’s “Mad World,” Season 8   Often considered the gold standard when it comes to American Idol performances (and perhaps even the pinnacle of the entire series), Adam Lambert’s rendition of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” was so good that he was widely considered the presumptive winner for the next six weeks […]

Adam Lambert mention > Could Kelly Clarkson join American Idol on ABC as a judge? #AdamLambert

Even though it’s now starting to get solidified that American Idol airing on ABC is going to be a reality, there are already some possible judges names floating around. Fittingly, one of them just so happens to be one of the most famous former contestants of all. We know that in the past, there was some discussion about […]

Adam Lambert mention: “American Idol” Returning Next Year—But Will Ryan Seacrest Host? #AdamLambert

Sources tell Entertainment Tonight that while there have been no formal discussions, Seacrest, who might be a machine, is open to accepting the gig. It’s also rumored that Kelly Clarkson, who won the show’s first season, may join the reboot as a judge. Idol, which featured Ellen DeGeneres as a judge for one season, launched […]

Adam Lambert mention via Coventry Telegraph: Queen and 9 other 70s music stars on tour in the Midlands – how to get tickets NOW #AdamLambert

  From glam rock gods Queen to an evening with Elton John, there are plenty of gigs coming up this year to remind you why the 70s was such a golden era for music. Here are a few that you can’t afford to miss. Queen + Adam Lambert, Barclaycard Arena, 30 November and 16 December […]

Adam Lambert mention via The Gay UK: Is silver is this season’s hair trend? 7 guys who totally own grey #AdamLambert

It seems that there’s a silver trend sweeping through celeb land. Men are going silver and it’s totally, utterly hot. Whether it’s from a bottle, like Adam Lambert’s or natural like John Barrowman’s celebs are turning grey – well Silver to be more accurate and it’s hot. Adam Lambert   Looks incredible with his hair […]