Madonna’s Son Is A Huge Madonna Fan And OMG What Is His Life Like

TFW your pop queen is also your mom. This is Madonna. You can call her Madge! Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images And this is Madonna’s son, David. Amos Gumulira / AFP / Getty Images Madonna’s son is all of us listening to Madonna. Madonna / Via Twitter: @Madonna View Entire List › BuzzFeed – Music […]

Avengers: Infinity War Is A “Huge” Event Movie, Says Benedict Cumberbatch

Is there a bigger, more impressive blockbuster currently in the works than Avengers: Infinity War? Sure, you have Warner’s imminent Justice League and the mooted Godzilla Vs. Kong, but in the realm of Hollywood’s shared universes, Infinity War stands head and burly shoulders above the rest because it’s about to execute on a vision that […]

HUGE list of shows leaving Netflix for good next month

Netflix is cleaning up at awards and no doubt increasing membership everyday, but it also keeps losing things that make it great every day. More and more shows are being pulled for various reasons.  Often because their original owners finally got off their asses and made a streaming service of their own and now want […]

Matt Damon Flashes a Huge Smile at LAX Airport!

Matt Damon arrives in great spirits from his flight home at LAX Airport on Friday afternoon (August 18) in Los Angeles. The 46-year-old actor showed off his buff biceps in a gray T-shirt as he signed autographs and snapped selfies with fans as he made his way through the airport. PHOTOS: Check out the latest […]

Box Office: It Reboot Poised For Huge $50 Million-Plus Opening Weekend

If The Dark Tower was dead on arrival (our review), scoring a paltry $ 19 million in its opening weekend on domestic soil, then 2017’s other high-profile Stephen King adaptation, It, is poised for a potentially record-breaking box office splash in three weeks’ time. Initial tracking suggests Andy Muschietti’s long-anticipated horror reboot is set for a huge $ 50 million […]

There’s a huge illegal industry that salvages old shipwrecks…

There’s a huge illegal industry that salvages old shipwrecks that predate nuclear testing to get steel untainted by atmospheric radiation. Unbelievable facts You may also like:unbelievable-facts:In Switzerland, it’s…Kate Upton Has Studied Acting for 7 Years…Rick Ross Apologizes After Backlash Over…Ok Ladies, Here’s How Beyonce Really…

The X-Men’s Absence Is A Huge Deal In The Gifted

With New Mutants, Deadpool 2, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix dominating headlines left, right, and center, you’d be forgiven for letting The Gifted slip off your radar. After the rather excellent Legion, it’s the latest small-screen X-Men drama to come out of Fox, and we know that Bryan Singer and Matt Nix’s family-oriented series will stage its premiere on Monday, October 2nd. That’s not too […]

Omaha FM Radio DJ: “I walked in a huge Queen fan, walked out also an Adam Lambert fan!” #AdamLambert

Andy Hall, the afternoon DJ on Omaha rock station Lazer 103.3, just wrote a glowing review of this past weekend’s show in that city and tweeted about it (see below) — but first we must precede that with his 2nd amazing tweet: I walked in a huge @QueenWillRock fan, walked out also an @adamlambert fan! […]

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Opens Huge With $117 Million Debut

Spider-Man: Homecoming easily topped this weekend’s box office with a massive $ 117 million debut! According to THR – the film starring Tom Holland, Zendaya, Michael Keaton, and Robert Downey Jr. – earned the third-best U.S. opening this year behind Beauty and the Beast ($ 174.8 million) and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($ […]

34 Songs That Would Have Been Huge Hits But Americans Have No Taste

Note: I know some of these weren’t officially released in the U.S… but also, let’s be real, if they were released they would probably flop anyway because we have bad taste. “Call My Name” by Cheryl Cheryl gave America a shot and we turned her down. For that, I think I'm gonna vomit. “Beat […]

Must Be Nice: Steve Harvey’s Stepdaughter Flashes Her HUGE Memphis Depay Engagement Ring

Congratulations! Lori Harvey Shows Off Memphis Depay Engagement Ring At the tender age of 20 Lori Harvey is happily engaged and rocking a HUGE rock on her hand. As previously reported the stepdaughter to Steve Harvey recently said “Yes” to her soccer star boo Memphis Depay. Now Lori’s sharing shots of her massive ring. […]

Johnny Galecki’s Home Burns Down in Huge Fire

Johnny Galecki’s ranch house did not escape a fire blazing through the Central Coast of California. According to TMZ, the Big Bang Theorystar’s vacation home in San Luis Obispo, Calif. burned down Monday evening as the result of a wildfire in a secluded region east of Santa Margarita. As of Tuesday morning, the blaze was reportedly spread […]