Literally Just 15 Hilariously Fake Blue Ivy Reactions To Beyoncé’s Twins

The twins are here and the internet has A LOT to say! Over Father’s Day weekend, Beyoncé nearly broke the internet when news broke about her allegedly giving birth to twins. “We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will […]

Ed Sheeran And Kit Harrington’s Hilariously Awkward Bathroom Encounter Led To Friendship

Who doesn’t love a good bathroom story? Kit Harrington stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden and revealed the funniest celebrity encounter ever. Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images The Game of Thrones star opened up about the first time he met Ed Sheeran and it just so happened to be in the […]

Twitter Hilariously Reacts To Kodak Black’s Release From The Bing

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“Aqua-fina Jenkins??” Comedian Hilariously Cuts Up “Black” Graduation Names [Video]

Struggle Graduation Names Sound Like… Welcome to graduation season, 2017. If you have a weird or different sounding name, you know the pain of hearing a teacher or your principal tear it up. Comedian Anthony Davis sums up all of the struggle names to look out for when watching our babies walk down the aisle this. Did […]

This Teen Hilariously Exposed Ed Sheeran’s Songwriting Process

“Childhood song about being rebellious.” Remember the guy who exposed the Chainsmokers’ music for being basic? Well he’s back at it again, but this time he’s taking a close look at Ed Sheeran’s songwriting process. Paul Bergen / AFP / Getty Images 19-year-old John Fassold just shared a new video called “How EVERY Ed Sheeran […]

Scaaamurdaaa! Hilariously Petty #FyreFestival Memes

Chill-Free #FyreFestival Memes By now, everyone should be caught up on the spectacular chaos at the super scammy #FyreFestival in the Bahamas (reportedly co-organized by Ja Rule) that, based on multiple eyewitness accounts, left thousands stranded, bamboozled and hungry on death island after promoting a luxury festival experience in paradise. YIKES. And yes, ALL CHILL IS GONE so peep […]

This Teen Hilariously And Brutally Exposed The Chainsmokers For How Basic Their Songs Are

“So you want to find lyrics that talk about how hard it is being white and in love.” This is 19-year-old John Fassold, a student at Arizona State University majoring in digital culture of music. John Fassold Fassold told BuzzFeed News he doesn’t despise music from the very successful pop music duo the Chainsmokers, per […]

Katy Perry Hilariously Responds to Ryan Phillippe Dating Rumors

Katy Perry has reached out to Ryan Phillippe after he took to Twitter to address rumors that the two were dating. In his tweet, the 42-year-old Shooter actor made sure to let everyone know that the 32-year-old “Chained to the Rhythm” singer was most definitely not inside his house. When one Twitter user replied with, […]

Scamita Jo? Hilariously PETTY Reactions To Janet’s (Reported) Billionaire Breakup

Pettiest Reactions To Janet’s Reported Split Legendary Pop Queen Janet Jackson has the internet in a TIZZY after (reportedly) dumping her billionaire hubby Wissam Al Mana just months after having his baby and securing the bag in a not-very-shocking moment that sparked hilariously chaos across the internet. Hit the flip to peep the funniest (and pettiest) […]

These Hilariously Petty Rachel Dolezal Memes Are Comedy Gold

Hilariously Petty Rachel Dolezal Memes Bizarro Becky Rachel Dolezal is STILL somehow a thing in 2017 with a new book and fresh outlook on her “transracial” blackness currently fueling a never-ending wave of hilariously petty memes across Black Twitter. Hit the flip for the latest hilarious Rachel Dolezal meme wave. […]

These Hilariously Adorable Asahd Khaled Memes Will Brighten Your Day

Hilarious Asahd Khaled Memes DJ Khaled’s not-even-a-year-old son Asahd is everyone’s favorite new celebrity toddler (and music exec) with a proud super pop who takes fatherly love and happiness on social media to hilariously adorable new heights. Hit the flip for the absolute funniest Asahd Khaled memes. Bossip You may […]

James Corden Hilariously Dissects Lifetime’s Britney Spears Movie – Watch Now!

James Corden accidentally turned on the new Lifetime movie Britney Ever After over the weekend and he hilariously talked about his obsession with the movie during Tuesday night’s episode of The Late Late Show! The talk show host talked about how actress Natasha Bassett is better suited to play Tiffany Trump in a biopic than […]