Deep Fried Lies: Lawyer Lisa Bloom Confirms That Quantasia Sharpton Made Up Story About Having Her Usher Smash On Tape

Quantasia Sharpton Sex Taps Story Exposed As A Lie Well…no surprise here. Looks like Quantasia Sharpton’s cold hard proof that she let Usher smash her raw at the Days Inn back in 2014…doesn’t actually exist. Despite claims she made during a recent YouTube interview that she made a freaky flick with Usher, with his consent…it […]

Hi Haters: Cardi B Makes Money Moves Milestone & Fried Barbie-Q Stans Can’t Stay Off Her Tit

Cardi B Swats Off Nicki Minaj Stans For Bullying Her Everyone’s favorite skripper-hoe turned celebrity is making milestones…and she didn’t need any co-signs from men or features to help get her there. Cardi B made her entrance on the Billboards top 100 this week, and she’s the only woman rapper to debut this year without […]

Florida Crazies: Enraged Girlfriend Arrested For Domestic Battery After Attacking Bae With Fried Rice

Woman Arrested For Attacking Her Boyfriend With Fried Rice A lover’s quarrel at a Chinese spot in Vero Beach, Florida got an angry girlfriend hauled off the whoscow. TheSmokingGun reports that Samantha Wilson was arrested and charged with domestic battery when cops arrived at China No. 1 and found her boyfriend Brian Kusmer covered in […]

44 Reasons Why: Bron’s Cavs Beat The CRISPY FRIED HELL Outta The Celtics & Broke Twitter

Hilarious Celtics Beatdown Memes It was just another regular shmegular Friday night until King Bron-Bron‘s mighty Cavs beat the CRISPY FRIED HELL (44 points???) outta the doomed Celtics ON THE ROAD in a genuinely stunning NBA Playoffs moment that sparked hilarious chaos across the whole entire internet. Peep the hilarious Celtics roast session on the […]

2Woke4U: Aaron Hernandez Conspiracy Theories Have Surfaced & They’re Crispy Fried Crazy

Aaron Hernandez Conspiracies Are Flooding The Internet Ex-NFL baller-turned-stone-cold killer Aaron Hernandez has the internet in a TIZZY after taking his own life just days after beating another murder case in a genuinely shocking plot twist that opened 3rd eyes and fired up conspiracy theorist across the universe. Hit the flip to peep the strangely […]

Chance The Rapper’s Fried Chicken Birthday Cake Is Everything…And He’s Still Raising Money For CPS

Chance The Rapper celebrated his 24th birthday a few days ago and he was gifted a sick a** birthday cake of his favorite meal. Oh, and he used his special day to give back to the Chicago Public Schools district yet again. Get it all inside… Chance The Rapper loves his hometown of Chicago! The […]

T.I. Makes Daddy Duty With Heiress Look So Easy + John Legend Is The Fried Chicken, Netflix & Chill Type

T.I. and his daughter Heiress are serving up the cutest daddy-daughter vibes. Meanwhile, John Legend shares his favorite things to do when he’s at home chilling with his wife and daughter. More inside… T.I. makes being on daddy duty look so easy. Well, he has been down this road quite a few times, so… Tip […]

Potato Salad-Faced Kellyanne Conway Getting Fried For Saying President Obama Used Microwaves To Spy On Trump

Kellyanne Conway Gets Dragged Spoiled mashed potato Kellyanne Conway has been saying whatever the hell makes her bossy, Cheeto Stalin, happy. So when he tweeted that he was getting spied on, she decided to defend it by saying that not only were people wire tapping his calls, they were spying on him using microwaves. #KellyanneConway […]

Dr. Umar Johnson’s Old Struggle Wig Is Getting Fried To Ashy Chitterling Dust

Dr. Umar Johnson’s Struggle Wig Dr. Umar Johnson is the President-Elect of Hotep majesty. He preaches many things including getting rid of weaves. Well this old pic from 2015 surfaced showing Doc repping a real-life Fredrick Douglass sew-in. Yes, that happened. So naturally (see what we did there?), Twitter went all the way in on […]