Meek Mill’s Heada$$ Chess Board Pic Got Dragged Back To Philly

Meek Mill Doesn’t Know Chess You ever hear the saying “it’s chess, not checkers”…? Well, Meek is probably better off sticking to checkers. Because he posted this chess board and it’s all sorts of jacked up. See, he has a pawn and a king right there in the middle of the damn board with […]

Future Got Absolutely Dragged For His Corny Clapback Of Jay-Z

Future’s Corny Jay-Z Clapback Jay-Z had a lot to say about Future on 4:44. The big line came when he said “in the Future other n**** playing football with your son,” which referenced Future’s issues with Russell Wilson, Ciara and Baby Future. But that line didn’t matter as much as Jay’s assault on rapper’s putting […]

Are You OK? Nicki’s Headassey Private Jet Flex Got Dragged To Wakanda Nicki’s Private Jet Flex & Failed Oh, Nicki Nicki Nicki WHY DO YOU DO WHAT DO YOU? Last week, she thirsted over a toddler. This week, she posted a cringe-worthy private jet flex currently fueling endless slander across the internet. And no, we don’t know why these corny things keep happening but we hope […]

Katy Perry Got Dragged Back To Mediocrity For Slandering Barack Obama Katy Perry Made Obama Joke Katy Perry has been on the borderline since she came out. She’s performed as a geisha, worn corn rows and gold teeth and did a white a$ $ Egyptian video. But she’s gotten a pass for the most part. However the above video may be the last straw. She […]

Pittsburgh Rapper Jimmy Wopo Gets Dragged For Rape Lyric With Kobe Bryant Reference

Pittsburgh rapper Jimmy Wopo raps a disgusting lyric about rape on a recently released track and he uses a Kobe Bryant reference to get his point across. More inside… There’s an up and coming rapper out of Pittsburgh named Jimmy Wopo. And he has us giving him the uber side eye over a controversial lyric […]

Savage Fingers: K. Michelle Dragged Loni Love Into The Roast Beefy Abyss & Broke Twitter

K. Michelle Breaks Twitter With Savage Dragging Queen Savage K. Michelle took a break from counting her Jack Daniels money to DRAG “The Real” star Loni Love to the roast beefiest corner of Hell by her new wig over shady comments during a recent show in yet another deliciously messy moment that blew up the internet. Peep the […]

Thanks VH1! This ‘Black Ink’ Star Is Getting Dragged Into The Carmelo & La La Separation

In messy breakup news… “Black Ink Crew Chicago” Star Accused Of Dating Carmelo Anthony’s Alleged Mistress More rumors are coming out concerning the sad separation of Carmelo Anthony and La La. As previously reported sources told Page Six that the NBA baller operated under the idea that “La La was married—but he wasn’t” so he […]

Pepsi Yanks Tone Deaf Ad After Everybody Dragged It For Filth

Pepsi’s latest visual ad starring Kendall Jenner — who has yet to attend a protest in real life that we know of — glamorizing protest culture for a check is now dunzo. Deets inside… After yesterday’s and today’s dragging, Pepsi has smartened up and yanked their new global "we solved all the world’s problems with […]

This Guy Tried To Clown Meek Mill On Twitter And Ended Up Getting Dragged Himself Guy Tries To Clown Meek Mill It’s rare when people take up for Meek Mill. He’s always in some mess and people are always ready to bash him. However this one twitter user tried to post a joking pic about Meek and got absolutely blasted for it. Damn, you know it’s bad when you […]

Carmelo Anthony’s Dead Animal Blizzard Outfit Is Getting Dragged Off The Side Of The Road

Carmelo Anthony’s Fur Outfit Carmelo Anthony is one to dress fashionably after games whether his teams wins or loses (usually loses). Tuesday night’s ensemble was one for the ages though as he figured he’d brave the blizzard by rocking an elaborate brown fur getup. The internet had no mercy… "Coming this off season, Melo's debut […]

Sunken Place Resident Sage Steele Joined The N-Word Debate & Got DRAGGED (AGAIN)

Black Twitter Vs. Sage Steele (AGAIN) Proud sunken place resident Sage Steele foolishly tagged herself into the never-ending N-word debate after a frustrated Andre Iguodala let N-bombs fly during a post-game interview that had white media in a tizzy and Sage tap dancing in her tragic mulatto shoes YET AGAIN. Hit the flip for another […]

Ben Carson Just Got Dragged For Saying The DUMBEST Thing About Slavery

Oh Ben!  This guy stays putting his foot and everything else in his mouth.  This time, he’s getting dragged for equating slaves to immigrants… Monday, U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson addressed his employees in Washington, DC. for the first time since he took office.  He tried his damndest to give an […]