Boot Lickin’ Bum Sheriff David Clarke Calls Colin Kaepernick An ‘Opportunist’ & Gets Dragged

  Spencer Platt/Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images He tried it… Sheriff David Clarke Disses Kaepernick, Gets Schooled Defunct douchebag Sheriff David Clarke recently made yet another asinine statement that got him dragged back to his cabin. The plagiarizing parasite who was considered for a Homeland Security position but turned it down (thank God!) decided to […]

Going Out Of Business: Racist Dragged For Posting Slurs About Couple Who Refused To Stand For National Anthem

#DavidDoptis Racist comments like this deserve to be viral..Welcome to #BlackTwitter ? #RoastHim — Mr. Engram (@VanCarlito2003) September 12, 2017 Black Twitter Tries To Put Racist Detroit Man Out Of Business Those azzholes in Charlottesville got people out here thinking it’s okay to be openly racist… Fortunately there are plenty of good folks out […]

Why So Shady? Comedienne Sommore Came For Cardi B & Now She’s About To Get Dragged FOREVA

Jen Lowery / Splash News/MSA / London Entertainment Who asked her??? Sommore Sends A Message To Cardi B, Gets Dragged A Queen of Comedy recently got relentlessly roasted after she dared to try to come for Cardi B. Comedienne Sommore recently posted a Cardi B video on her page with a very interesting caption; “Just […]

Insecure: Lawrence And Issa Dragged Each Other And Twitter Is Having A Brutal Civil War Over It

insecure lawrence issa Insecure Episode Causes Chaos Oh, you mad? Stay mad. After a full season of quickie reunions, awkwardness and passive aggressiveness, Issa and Lawrence finally had a knock down, drag out verbal fight on Insecure and it was ugly. Lawrence called Issa all sorts of garden tool. Issa came for Woot Woot. NOT […]

$camazing Grace: Joel Osteen Got DRAGGED To Jerusalem Over Shady Megachurch Shut Down

Joel Osteen: "Praying for everyone in Houston!" Can we use your church? Joel Osteen: — trigga trev szn (@TrevJSiemian) August 29, 2017 The Internet Vs. Joel Osteen $ uper $ tupid rich megachurch pa$ tor Joel O$ teen is getting D R A G G E D for (allegedly) refusing to open his larger-than-life […]

Massah Plan: Mike Vick Joined FOX Sports & Got Dragged Back To Bad Newz

*Mike Vick trashes Colin Kaepernick's protest/boycott* Fox Sports: — Tara A N G E L ?? (@TaraAngel94) August 25, 2017 The Internet Vs. Mike Vick Legendary ankle-breaking QB-turned-sunken stooge Michael Vick is slated to join FOX Sports as an analyst just weeks after criticizing Colin Kaepernick (and telling him to cut his fro) in […]

Beyonce Wept: Taylor Swift’s Kale-Infused ‘Lemonade’ Ripoff Is Getting Dragged Back To Trader Joe’s

. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for DIRECTV) Taylor Swift’s Fake Lemonade Is Getting Dragged Taylor Swift is at it again, peeving off black people. It’s her specialty. First, she possibly insulted Kanye’s mother. Now sreengrabs of her new video are out and it surely looks like a gluten free version of Beyonce’s “Formation.” We’re […]

Lil Duval & Charlamagne Take L’s For Transgender Killing Jokes, Speak Their Piece After Getting Dragged

The Breakfast Club, mainly Charlamagne, is no stranger to beefing with the public over their sometimes asinine comments.  But they may have f’d with the wrong group of folks when Lil Duval was on the show recently.  Find out how everyone’s defending themselves after threats of boycotts and more inside… Members of the LGBT and […]

Meek Mill’s Heada$$ Chess Board Pic Got Dragged Back To Philly

Meek Mill Doesn’t Know Chess You ever hear the saying “it’s chess, not checkers”…? Well, Meek is probably better off sticking to checkers. Because he posted this chess board and it’s all sorts of jacked up. See, he has a pawn and a king right there in the middle of the damn board with […]

Future Got Absolutely Dragged For His Corny Clapback Of Jay-Z

Future’s Corny Jay-Z Clapback Jay-Z had a lot to say about Future on 4:44. The big line came when he said “in the Future other n**** playing football with your son,” which referenced Future’s issues with Russell Wilson, Ciara and Baby Future. But that line didn’t matter as much as Jay’s assault on rapper’s putting […]

Are You OK? Nicki’s Headassey Private Jet Flex Got Dragged To Wakanda Nicki’s Private Jet Flex & Failed Oh, Nicki Nicki Nicki WHY DO YOU DO WHAT DO YOU? Last week, she thirsted over a toddler. This week, she posted a cringe-worthy private jet flex currently fueling endless slander across the internet. And no, we don’t know why these corny things keep happening but we hope […]

Katy Perry Got Dragged Back To Mediocrity For Slandering Barack Obama Katy Perry Made Obama Joke Katy Perry has been on the borderline since she came out. She’s performed as a geisha, worn corn rows and gold teeth and did a white a$ $ Egyptian video. But she’s gotten a pass for the most part. However the above video may be the last straw. She […]