Peter Capaldi’s Replacement May Not Appear Until End Of Doctor Who Christmas Special

There’s been even more mystery than usual surrounding the Doctor’s latest regeneration in Doctor Who. We learned a few months ago that Peter Capaldi would be exiting the TARDIS this year, which sent rumours mills running wild with claims that numerous actors and actresses had been linked with the role. Besides that, there’ve also been many hints that […]

Two New Doctor Who Promos Tease Death And Destruction In Penultimate Episode

Things are about to get very dramatic in the last two episodes of this season of Doctor Who. At least, that’s what these two new promos for this Saturday’s episode promise. First, feast your eyes on the second trailer for episode 11, titled “World Enough and Time,” above. Unlike the previous teaser, this one gives us a much better […]

The Master Returns In New Trailer And Clip For This Week’s Doctor Who

It’s the moment that fans have been waiting for ever since it was announced three months ago; John Simm’s Master is about to return to Doctor Who! In this week’s episode, titled “World Enough and Time,” the Doctor and his friends Bill and Nardole have a lot on their plate as they have to deal with […]

Doctor Who Season 10 Finale To Be An Hour-Long, New Photo Released

If you couldn’t already tell, season 10 of Doctor Who looks like it’ll go out on an explosive note, with the two-part finale promising to be a gripping conclusion to Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the twelfth Doctor. Set to kick off next weekend with “World Enough and Time,” the titular hero will certainly have his hands full, as he’s […]

Doctor Who Helmer Rachel Talalay Wants To Take A Crack At She-Hulk

Doctor Who director Rachel Talalay has expressed her desire to take a crack at a She-Hulk movie. Marvel, are you listening? Vice caught up with the Tank Girl helmer to discuss Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman solo film, its runaway success – critically and financially – along with the female superhero movie genre in general. It’s come […]

Synopsis For Doctor Who’s Finale Tees Up A Gripping Conclusion To Peter Capaldi’s Tenure

“For once, time is the Time Lord’s enemy.” The official synopsis for Doctor Who‘s two-part finale – one that begins with the premiere of “World Enough and Time” on June 24th – has found its way online, and it tees up a gripping conclusion to Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the twelfth Doctor. First spotted by Digital Spy, the penultimate […]

Apparently The Next Doctor Who Has Already Been Cast

It’s no secret that Peter Capaldi’s days as Doctor Who are numbered. There’s 3 episodes left to go before season 10 wraps up and at that point, the titular character will regenerate once again, allowing a new actor to step into the role. To date, the BBC’s remained quiet on who exactly that fresh face will […]

Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat Reveals Chilling Alternate Ending To Fan Favorite Episode

Ten years ago today – June 9th – one of the most beloved episodes in Doctor Who‘s fifty-odd year history aired. Titled “Blink,” it’s notable for several reasons. For one, it was a rare instalment that didn’t focus on the Doctor (played by David Tennant at the time). Instead, it starred future Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan. […]

The Time Lord Meets A Martian Menace In New Doctor Who Clip And Photo Gallery

This week’s episode of Doctor Who takes the titular hero and his friends to that most classic of sci-fi destinations – the planet Mars, where the Time Lord will face his old enemies, the dreaded Ice Warriors. Titled “Empress of Mars,” it’s written by longtime contributor to the show Mark Gatiss and you can now get an extended […]

Alan Cumming Was Asked To Star In Doctor Who, Twice

As we wait to find out who will replace Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who, here’s someone who could have played the Doctor in the past: Scottish actor Alan Cumming, known for his various roles in the likes of GoldenEye, Spy Kids, X2 and The Good Wife, among many others The Huffington Post revealed that the prolific actor was asked to play […]

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who To Have “Slightly Different” Regeneration

Doctor Who fans are currently enjoying season 10 of the show – and counting down the weeks until current Doctor Peter Capaldi is set to bow out. As with every Doctor, fans are dreading the moment but also excited to see how he’ll meet his end and regenerate into his next body. The most recent episode of […]

Stan Lee’s Alternate Cameos In Doctor Strange Revealed

By this point in the game, Stan Lee has effectively been crowned the master of Hollywood cameos. Throughout the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe alone, the comic book legend has played Hugh Hefner, a Xandarian Ladies’ Man, and a postage delivery man who has trouble reading the words “Tony Stark,” and that’s before we begin […]