Here’s Why This Pic Of Barack And Michelle Obama Made Everyone Go Crazy This Pic Isn’t What You Think The DailyMail posted a pretty basic picture of Barack and Michelle Obama lounging at a cafe. They also had their dog, Bo, with them. Nothing to see here, right. But look again. Yes, that looks like Barack is enjoying some…well… The mixup is quite the optical illusion. […]

Scarlett Johansson’s Bachelorette Party Gets Crazy in ‘Rough Night’ Red Band Trailer

Things get out of control in the latest trailer for Rough Night! The upcoming flick, which stars Scarlett Johansson, follows a bachelorette party that doesn’t quite go according to plan. Scarlet‘s bride-to-be character is joined by her friends, played by Kate McKinnon, Zoe Kravitz, Jillian Bell and Ilana Glazer, for a wild drug and alcohol […]

Body Count Crazy: Amber Rose Joins Forces With Future For “Mask Off” Visuals [VIDEO]

Future Slobs Down Amber Rose In “Mask Off” Video For Future’s huge hit “Mask Off” the Atlanta rapper picked the most popular exotic dancer turned video vixen of all time to play his love interest. Amber Rose. The sex positive feminist has dated Kanye West and Machine Gun Kelly and was married to Wiz Khalifa. […]

Adam Lambert Tweeted: Loving this crazy web episode from @dahmeranddahmer #AdamLambert

Loving this crazy web episode from @dahmeranddahmer — ADAM LAMBERT (@adamlambert) April 29, 2017 Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS   Adam Lambert 24/7 News You may also like:Adam Lambert Tweeted: Been reading up on…Adam Lambert seen walking his dog April 24, 2017…Adam Lambert on Snapchat: “Good Morning…Adam Lambert Tweeted: Valiant […]

SMH: Mother Hears ‘Missing’ Daughter Cry From Beneath Crazy Caucasian Neighbor’s Shed

Ohio Man Holds Neighbor Captive In Shallow Shed Grave A guy in Ohio kidnapped his 30-year-old neighbor and locked her in his shed, according to a report from Yahoo News. Allegedly dude has a “history of mental Illness”. 45-year-old Dennis Dunn allegedly abducted the woman sometime before 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, when her mother reported her […]

It’s Time To Talk About Those Non-Photoshopped Kim K Beach Pics That Has The Internet Going Crazy

Kim Kardashian’s Pics Blow Up Internet Kim Kardashian has been the queen of body sorcery since she became famous a decade ago. Whether it be surgeries or photoshops, her body has been speculated about to no end. So when these non-photoshopped pics of her on the beach surfaced, people couldn’t wait to pile on. […]

#UberBae Makes TV Debut To Spill ALL The Tea (& The Crazy Aftermath)

#UberBae makes her national television debut on the “Steve Harvey Show” to explain everything that went down when she caught her boyfriend CHEATING on her while on her Uber gig. Deets inside… If you haven’t heard of #UberBae, we’ve got you covered. A young lady named Bree, an Uber driver, found out her boyfriend was […]

2Woke4U: Aaron Hernandez Conspiracy Theories Have Surfaced & They’re Crispy Fried Crazy

Aaron Hernandez Conspiracies Are Flooding The Internet Ex-NFL baller-turned-stone-cold killer Aaron Hernandez has the internet in a TIZZY after taking his own life just days after beating another murder case in a genuinely shocking plot twist that opened 3rd eyes and fired up conspiracy theorist across the universe. Hit the flip to peep the strangely […]

Crazy Cholo Livestreams Shootout With Cops “Sorry Guys, I’m Gone!” [Video]

Shawn Vasquez is one lucky vato. Afer police were called for someone shooting at cars, they found Shawn with a 9 shooting at them. He’s lucky the news was on the scene or his azz would’ve been target practice. Bossip You may also like:Scared neighbors called the police over a domesticCops Kill People: Shady Officer […]

I’m Crazy about Drakes New Tattoos

Good or bad, (and bad doesn’t begin to cover it), Drake loves him some tattoos. And some are a little terrible.  The Ringer did a comprehensive breakdown if you’re interested.  For our purposes, the two newest inking are the real subject. Niki Norberg, a tattoo artist from Sweden, has shared some Instagram photos of new […]

McDonald’s Just Destroyed Donald Trump On Twitter And The Internet Is Going Crazy

McDonald’s Goes In On Trump For a second there, we were all on our way to get Big Macs. Because for about 30 minutes McDonald’s was the most fire twitter account in America. They sent out the above tweet clowning Trump for his tiny hands. But all was lost because it turns out they were […]