2Woke4U: Aaron Hernandez Conspiracy Theories Have Surfaced & They’re Crispy Fried Crazy

Aaron Hernandez Conspiracies Are Flooding The Internet Ex-NFL baller-turned-stone-cold killer Aaron Hernandez has the internet in a TIZZY after taking his own life just days after beating another murder case in a genuinely shocking plot twist that opened 3rd eyes and fired up conspiracy theorist across the universe. Hit the flip to peep the strangely […]

Crazy Cholo Livestreams Shootout With Cops “Sorry Guys, I’m Gone!” [Video]

Shawn Vasquez is one lucky vato. Afer police were called for someone shooting at cars, they found Shawn with a 9 shooting at them. He’s lucky the news was on the scene or his azz would’ve been target practice. Bossip You may also like:Scared neighbors called the police over a domesticCops Kill People: Shady Officer […]

I’m Crazy about Drakes New Tattoos

Good or bad, (and bad doesn’t begin to cover it), Drake loves him some tattoos. And some are a little terrible.  The Ringer did a comprehensive breakdown if you’re interested.  For our purposes, the two newest inking are the real subject. Niki Norberg, a tattoo artist from Sweden, has shared some Instagram photos of new […]

McDonald’s Just Destroyed Donald Trump On Twitter And The Internet Is Going Crazy

McDonald’s Goes In On Trump For a second there, we were all on our way to get Big Macs. Because for about 30 minutes McDonald’s was the most fire twitter account in America. They sent out the above tweet clowning Trump for his tiny hands. But all was lost because it turns out they were […]

29 Pictures That Show Just How Crazy 1970s Disco Really Was

A look back at the hedonistic disco clubs of the ’70s, presented by Getty Images. A group of people get down on a mirrored dance floor, circa 1978. David Redfern / Redferns A woman known as “Disco Granny” dances with a young man at Studio 54, circa 1978. Images Press / Getty Images A crowd […]

Hilfiger wants $27 Mill for crazy Florida home

This is one of the craziest homes I’ve seen in awhile, and I look at real estate constantly. But 65 year old Tommy Hilfiger has surpassed even those crazy $ 100 million dollar homes that come complete with furnishings and the wildest decor.  And for the bargain basement price of $ 27,500,000.  The catch is, […]

Nicki Minaj And Remy Ma Are Dragging Each Other And It’s Really Crazy Shit

Nicki, don’t Meek this up. On a quiet Saturday afternoon, rapper Remy Ma decided to release a diss track coming at Nicki Minaj called “shETHER,” and it is…wooo boy. Twitter: @RealRemyMa But before we get into it, some context: Remy Ma has been around since 2006 when she released There’s Something About Remy: Based on […]

Adam Lambert mention via Billboard: Rewinding the Charts: In 1980, Queen Got ‘Crazy’ Atop the Hot 100 #AdamLambert

Freddie Mercury’s homage to Elvis, which he wrote in minutes — in a bathtub — kicked off the group’s best year on the U.S. charts. The following year, “Bohemian Rhapsody” returned to the Hot 100, this time hitting No. 2, after the song was used in a now-classic scene in the hit movie Wayne’s World.Deacon […]

5 Crazy Moments From The NBA All Star Celebrity Game & Media Day (Yes, Including Master P)

NBA All Star Weekend 2017 kicked off yesterday in New Orleans, and the highlight reel is already in full effect.  Why Master P is trending, Rocsi & Joe still kickin’ it, Russell Westbrook‘s severe petty and 2 more crazy moments… 5.  During Media Day, Russell Westbrook was constantly asked about his ex-bestie/teammate Kevin Durant and […]

Charles Oakley Gives His Side Of The Crazy Fight That Got Him Arrested At The Knicks Game

This foolishness that went down at the Knicks game Wednesday night though….   Former baller Charles Oakley just proved he’s forever a Knick after his huge altercation that got him arrested.  Find out why folks are Team Oakley after he had an actual fight on the sidelines with multiple security and the Kicks team owner […]

Ham-Sandwich: Crazy Looking Lil Lady Destroys The Inside Of A QT Gas Station [Video]

A lady sat on top of the checkout counter at an ATL QT to talk head to the whole store while yelling “call em’.” The unidentified woman threatened to “f*ck they azz up.” We don’t know the reasoning behind her anger, but she started knocking all the items off their racks in the store and […]