2Woke4U: Aaron Hernandez Conspiracy Theories Have Surfaced & They’re Crispy Fried Crazy

Aaron Hernandez Conspiracies Are Flooding The Internet Ex-NFL baller-turned-stone-cold killer Aaron Hernandez has the internet in a TIZZY after taking his own life just days after beating another murder case in a genuinely shocking plot twist that opened 3rd eyes and fired up conspiracy theorist across the universe. Hit the flip to peep the strangely […]

The Clone Conspiracy #5 Delivers A New Status Quo For Spider-Man Moving Forward

Today saw the release of The Clone Conspiracy #5, the final instalment of Dan Slott and Jim Cheung’s Spider-Man event. Reviews for the issue have been mixed so far, with many declaring it an unsatisfying and rushed conclusion to a story which probably could have done with at least another instalment or two so it […]

Spider-Man Is On The Run In First Look At The Clone Conspiracy #5

Marvel has released a first look at The Clone Conspiracy #5, the final chapter of Dan Slott and Jim Cheung’s Spider-Man event series. In the recently released fourth instalment, the Jackal revealed his plan to turn everyone on Earth into a clone, a bizarre twist which will have to be addressed here before he returns to […]

Andrew Breitbart: Pundit’s Tweet Before Death Leads to Sex-Trafficking Conspiracy Theory

Back in March of 2012, arch-conservative media personality Andrew Breitbart passed away at the age of 43. The unexpected nature of his death, coupled with his reputation for leveling wild accusations at high-ranking Democrats made for fertile ground for the sort of conspiracy theories that Breitbart so often espoused and propagated during his life. The most […]

For The Conspiracy Theorists: Is This Jay-Z’s Satanic Occult Leader? [Video]

Trump and his ilk are saying this woman, Marina Abramovic, is connected to Hillary Clinton and Jay-Z as a satanic occult leader. Folks are calling her “Spirit Dinner”is a satanic ritual. Notice the weird paintings on the wall, it’s painted in blood. This must be mumbo-jumbo…right? Bossip You may also like:Hillary & Bill Clinton to […]