Will Shuri Spearhead A Black Panther Spinoff Movie? Letitia Wright Certainly Hopes So

Early last week, long before an asinine hate group took aim at Marvel’s Africa-set blockbuster, we brought you the news that Marvel is hoping to launch multiple spinoffs and crossovers based on characters from the Black Panther universe. That’s still very much the case – at least so far as we can tell – and while […]

Salty DC Comic Fans Tried To Sabotage ‘Black Panther,’ Facebook Shut Them DOWN! + Octavia Spencer Is Buying Out Mississippi Theatre To Show The Epic Flick To Underserved Community

They hate to see us be great, don’t they? Find out why a group of salty DC fans were trying to sabotage Black Panther and deets about Octavia Spencer gifting a free look at the epicness that’s on the way inside….   Black Panther hasn’t even hit theaters yet and folks are already clowning. They […]

Black Canary Is Out For Justice In New Arrow Promo

To say that last night’s episode of Arrow was an emotional rollercoaster is an understatement. Not only did we have a fractured Team Arrow failing to procure Cayden James’ bomb, but we thought we’d finally seen the first hints at Black Siren redeeming herself – but then she had to go and kill Vigilante, someone […]

First Venom Trailer To Arrive With Black Panther

Well, isn’t this a nice surprise. Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man spinoff Venom isn’t due out in theaters until October 5th, and to date, all we’ve really seen is one hugely underwhelming photo (plus a bunch of blurry set pics and videos), but it seems the studio is hoping to get the marketing campaign for the film off […]

DC Fanboys Trying To Sabotage Black Panther Get The Ban Hammer

Day by day, we’re slowly beginning to realize that there’s never been a comic book movie quite like Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther. Imbued with all the majesty and regalness one would expect from a T’Challa solo film, Black Panther has already wowed critics with its incredible world-building and nuanced villain – expect the full, long-form reviews to be online by Tuesday, February 6th – so […]

CROP TOPS, BABY BUMPS & SELFIES! How Kelly Rowland, Chrissy Teigen, Kerry Washington & SZA Are Rolling Into Black History Month

Kelly Rowland, Chrissy Teigen, Kerry Washington, and SZA are out in these streets showing off in crop tops, bumping around with the baby and snapping selfies with fans. Peep their candids inside… International babe! Before the new season of “The Voice UK” premieres, Kelly Rowland is Down Under for her promo duties. Chick is 36 […]

Chadwick Boseman Opens Up About His ‘Black Panther’ Role!

Chadwick Boseman is featured in an exclusive photo shoot and interview with Mr. Porter, which is out now. Here’s what the 41-year-old Black Panther actor had to say: On whether Black Panther is part of a bigger movement: “Yeah, I hope so. But I hesitate to jump on that ‘Oh, it’s a movement’ thing. Because […]

Will Storm Swoop Into The MCU For A Black Panther Sequel? Ryan Coogler Weighs In

It almost goes without saying that last year’s Disney-Fox merger opened up a treasure trove of potential crossovers for the comic book movie industry, as enthused fans began drawing up their own weird and wonderful plans for X-Men Vs. Avengers, along with openings that would allow the Powers That Be to incorporate mutants into the […]

These Blackity Black Tweets Kicked Off Black History Month Perfectly

One of the most important quotes ever about #BlackHistoryMonth pic.twitter.com/VaW0goznSf — Jozen (say Joe-Zen) (@jozenc) February 1, 2018 Blackity Black History Month Tweets It’s officially BLACK HISTORY MONTH and we already know it’s about to be EXTRA LIT based on the upcoming Black Panther hysteria and hilariously Blackity Black tweets shattering the internet. #BlackHistoryMonth Mood: […]

Another Black Panther Promo Sees The Dora Milaje Take Charge

Ulysses Klaue is a wanted man. The notorious arms dealer has been meddling with Wakanda ever since his memorable turn in Age of Ultron, but thanks to Marvel’s Black Panther, Klaue is about to meet his match in the form of the Dora Milaje. Who are they, exactly? They’re the all-female guardians of Wakanda – fierce […]

Black Panther’s Shuri Is Responsible For Rebooting Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes, the man formerly known as the deadly Winter Soldier, has enjoyed a pretty incredible character arc since he was first introduced in Captain America: The First Avenger. Back then, Sebastian Stan’s supporting player was a loyal ally to the scrawny Steve Rogers (AKA Captain America), only to fall into the hands of HYDRA, […]

Black Panther Producer Levels On The Secrecy Of Wakanda

“Tell me something – what do you know about Wakanda?” If there’s one thing that separates Black Panther from the superhero pack, it’s Wakanda. Described as the modern-day El Dorado, the fictional utopia is the lifeblood of Ryan Coogler’s solo movie, and part of the reason why Wesley Snipes (Blade) was forced to abandon his […]