Supergirl Returns In New Season 3 Promo Images

Supergirl season 3 looks to be the most dramatic run of the show yet. In the wake of losing Mon-El at the end of season 2, Kara Zor-El will be in a dark place which leads her to ditching her everyday Kara Danvers persona and focusing on her life as Supergirl. Which is probably for the best, […]

Marc Anthony Tells Prez Trump To “STFU About The NFL” And Address Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Damage

Marc Anthony Slams Donald Trump For Ignoring Puerto Rico While Donald Trump goes on a pointless crusade to shut down ballplayers from using their first amendment rights and free will to protest the issues close to their hearts…Puerto Rico is wrecked from Hurricane Maria and completely without power. Of course, Marc Anthony — being a […]

Mark Hamill Teases A Massive, Opulent Canto Bight Sequence In Star Wars: The Last Jedi

One of the new locations of the Star Wars universe that we’ll get to see for the first time in The Last Jedi is Canto Bight. Effectively the opposite of Mos Eisley Cantina, which Obi-Wan memorably called a wretched hive of scum of villainy, Canto Bight is a lavish casino for the wealthiest folks in the galaxy. Thanks to the […]

Fans Ain’t Isht: Post Malone Takes A Stage Dive And No One Bothers To Catch Him [Video]

Post’s fans let him down — HARD. But he’s not mad. He figures if he were really small and skinny like Lil Uzi, he wouldn’t have these problems. felt like jack black in school of rock tonight when i staged dived and nobody caught my fat ass. wish i had lil uzi body — Beerbongs […]

Your complete October premiere viewing list

If you were planning on checking out everything new to the small screen next month, you’ll be very very busy. Starting with a huge night on Sunday Oct 1st, when Fox rolls out nearly its entire fall line up. Also lots of new shows. So lets begin. October 1: The Toy Box (ABC, Season 2) Shark […]

New Line Announces Release Date For It Sequel

We haven’t seen the last of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Mere weeks after hitting theatres, New Line has already assigned a release date to their It sequel, announcing that the film will be with us on Sept 6th, 2019. So, basically the exact same weekend that the first one opened on. And that makes sense, too, given […]

LeBron James Gives Epic Press Conference, Has NO Regrets Calling 45 A ‘Bum’ + Derrick Rose & Isaiah Thomas Floss New Cavs Threads

The Cavs are back to work! It’s media day for the Cleveland Cavaliers where LeBron James addressed his comments aimed at 45 and the team welcome new players Derrick Rose and Isaiah Thomas. Get it all inside… LeBron James stands by his comments aimed at 45 after he tried to come for NFL players who […]

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Floss Their Royal Swirlationship At The Invictus Games In Toronto

Euan Cherry/ Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Hold Hands Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were photographed holding hands and looking very much in love while watching a wheelchair tennis match between Australia and New Zealand. Euan Cherry/ This is a big step. They’re making public appearances now! Do you think these two will walk down […]

Original Halloween Movie Headed To Select Theaters Next Month

In what is fast becoming one of the more crowded October corridors in recent memory – and for big-name horror films, no less – John Carpenter’s Halloween is officially headed back to the silver screen. First reported by Bloody Disgusting, screenings have been scheduled to take place all next month across the States, the United Kingdom, Canada, […]

What Beef? Nicki Minaj Congratulates Cardi B On Her Record Breaking Hit

WENN Nicki Minaj Congratulates Cardi B On Her #1 Single If you haven’t been paying attention, Cardi B quietly crept up and became the most talked about female rapper on the planet within the short span of “six months” thanks largely to the success of her smash hit “Bodak Yellow.” Of course plenty of folks […]

Three Terrifying Clips For Jeepers Creepers 3 Summon A Dormant Evil

On the eve of release, American Zoetrope and Myriad Pictures have conjured up a trio of terrifying clips for Jeepers Creepers 3, the long-in-development horror flick that’s coming by way of Victor Salva. And therein lies the source of controversy. Truth be told, the sequel known as Ravenous will soon face another uphill battle if it’s to […]

Kylie Jenner: Did Travis Scott Just Confirm that She’s Pregnant?

Kylie is reportedly excited to be pregnant with her rebound guy’s baby at the age of 20. Frustratingly, she and her family have been conspicuously silent about the news, even though it’s been reported by multiple reputable outlets. But fans think that a cryptic tweet from her baby daddy, Travis Scott, might be confirmation of […]