TSA Terror: K. Michelle Says She Was Grossly Groped By An Airport Agent

SMH… K. Michelle Says A TSA Agent Inappropriately Touched Her No one deserves to be inappropriately touched, especially not when they’re traveling through airport security. K. Michelle is the latest celebrity to come forward with allegations that she was groped by TSA. According to the songstress, a TSA agent violated her with their fingers during an […]

Orlando Bloom & James Corden Get Naughty in the Office for ‘IT Guys’ Sketch (Video)

Orlando Bloom gives James Corden a high five after wrapping a funny sketch on The Late Late Show on Thursday night (May 25) in Los Angeles. The sketch featured the guys doing some naughty dance moves while playing IT guys who were supposed to fix the computer problems in the office. At one point, James […]

Exclusive Interview: Jason Fabok Talks Batman And His Creative Wishlist

Batman #22 Gallery 1 of 8    Click to skip MORE FROM THE WEB Click to zoom  When we think of some of the most definitive artists to lend their pencils to Batman over the past 78 years, such greats as Bob Kane, Dick Sprang, Neal Adams, Frank Miller, Bruce Timm and Jim Lee immediately come […]

Shaq Just Showed His Dusty Crusty Foot On TV And The Memes Are Unforgettable

Shaq’s Feet Are Crusty Sports can take a major toll on players’ bodies. Namely their extremities. Shaq knows all about this. He broke his toe in his career and the results are…ghastly. https://twitter.com/JimmyTraina/status/867921846406176772 Shaq put his feet out for the world to see and it’s disgusting. Take a look at the reactions… https://twitter.com/TweetsOpenDoors/status/867923023868907522 https://twitter.com/MotherOfGems/status/867925836762030080 https://twitter.com/MotherOfGems/status/867925836762030080 […]

‘Come Swim’ Reviews from the Cannes Film Festival #KristenStewart

The Guardian – Robbie Collin Few directors’ first short films entail work by an Oscar-winning visual effects company, music by St Vincent, and a three-person stunt team. But few directors are Kristen Stewart. Only one is, in fact, and she has brought her 17-minute debut to Cannes this year: an abstract piece called Come Swim, […]

Ensemble: White, Blue, Sea Foam & Citron

This ensemble was inspired by one of the outfits I wore last week. I combined my Rag & Bone wide cropped jeans with a white cropped lantern sleeve pullover, white loafers, Spring citron scarf, citron bag and sea foam jacket. The effect was crisp, fresh and insulating for a chilly Spring day.  Here are the exact […]

Yellow snow isn’t the only kind you shouldn’t eat. Recent…

Yellow snow isn’t the only kind you shouldn’t eat. Recent studies suggest that all snow can be harmful because it attracts particles from car exhaust fumes like a magnet. Basically, when you eat snow, you’re consuming a pollution popsicle. Unbelievable facts You may also like:Reindeer are one of the few mammals that can see…Beer bottles […]

“Aqua-fina Jenkins??” Comedian Hilariously Cuts Up “Black” Graduation Names [Video]

Struggle Graduation Names Sound Like… Welcome to graduation season, 2017. If you have a weird or different sounding name, you know the pain of hearing a teacher or your principal tear it up. Comedian Anthony Davis sums up all of the struggle names to look out for when watching our babies walk down the aisle this. Did […]

Rita Ora ‘Your Song’ Stream, Lyrics & Download – Listen Now!

Rita Ora is back with her brand-new single “Your Song!” The 26-year-old singer dropped the catchy pop track on Friday (May 25), and we’re already obsessed. “Your Song,” co-written by Ed Sheeran, is the first single off Rita‘s long-awaited sophomore album. It’s also her first single in two years! “Cant believe it’s finally out! Thank […]

Adam Lambert Fan Art From @CreativeSharka: New FASHION DOLL @adamlambert #AdamLambert

New FASHION DOLL @adamlambert Gold version of #killerqueen outfit #queenadamlambert tour! #AdamLambertwardrobe #AdamLambert #fashion #doll #fanart #outfit #suit #illustration #artwork #digitalart #digital #sketch #digitaldrawing A post shared by ? Illustrator, digital artist (@creativesharka) on May 25, 2017 at 4:44pm PDT Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS   Adam Lambert 24/7 News You […]

15 Filipino Indie Bands You Should Listen To So You Can Say You Did “Before They Were Cool”

INDIE ka magsisisi. Rusty Machines You'll like them if you dig: Alternative rock, Arctic Monkeys, Real Estate, Yuck, Last Dinosaurs, Eraserheads, Urbandub, and reminiscing about a heartbreak while convincing yourself that you're fine Songs to get you started: Forget You, The Morning, I Was Wrong, Can't Hardly Wait Listen to them on: Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and […]

The entire 1985 Super Mario Bros. game was only 32 kilobytes….

The entire 1985 Super Mario Bros. game was only 32 kilobytes. This image is 121 kilobytes. Unbelievable facts You may also like:There is a D.C. super villain named Snowflame who…The Abraham Lincoln family line has been extinct…unbelievable-facts:On October 24,1975, the women…There is a movie about a murderous car tire named…