Where Is Her Hubby: What Are Meek Mill And Ameriie Doing In Dubai Together?


Meek Mill Might Be Ameriie’s Biggest Fan

Meek Mill posted several images of Ameriie at the Toy Room nightclub in Dubai last night that had us wondering what’s going on between the two of them. And with no sign of her HUSBAND in the building we couldn’t help but wonder if he’s lining her up to replace Nicki. https://instagram.com/p/BTGs3mlAFs1/ Initially we were thinking that the pair MIGHT be working on music. https://instagram.com/p/BTHGIgUAnoD/ But with all the L’s he’s taken as of late, it didn’t seem like he’d be the best candidate to unwash her. Riiiiight? Ameriie posted a few shots from the club as well and credited Meek as the photographer. What do you think Meek and Ameriie are up to? Hit the flip for more photos from the event. SplashNews/WENN/Instagram https://instagram.com/p/BR1XBrqgeKz/?taken-by=ameriie So it looks like Ameriie was still rocking her ring as of at least four weeks ago. We’re pretty sure that the appearance with Meek was solely because both were paid to host the second anniversary of Toy Room Dubai. https://instagram.com/p/BTFEISxBCmT/?taken-at=594245260 Hit the flip for more great footage from the night. https://instagram.com/p/BTHIiUQBgpq/?taken-at=594245260 LOL @ Meek’s facial expression and movements while Ameriie is singing https://instagram.com/p/BTHXZ43jSA7/?taken-at=594245260 https://instagram.com/p/BTFigsDhnHm/?taken-at=594245260 https://instagram.com/p/BTFeUPDB98r/?taken-at=594245260 Meek definitely had a blast https://instagram.com/p/BTG0tO_AHzn/?taken-at=594245260 https://instagram.com/p/BTG9e2ulOvm/?taken-at=594245260 https://instagram.com/p/BTHh-ntgN8o/?taken-at=594245260 https://instagram.com/p/BTG_wptltWb/?taken-at=594245260


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