Hate It Or Love It? Peep Lil Yachty’s Intersectional Album Cover For ‘Teenage Emotions’

Lil Yachty Releases Album Cover And Track List For ‘Teenage Emotions’

For those of you who are into this sort of thing, we’re sure you’ll be excited to know that Lil Yachty’s debut album, Teenage Emotions, will be released very soon. The colorful Atlanta rapper took to Twitter to release both the album art as well as the track list. https://twitter.com/lilyachty/status/855124800003559428 One thing’s for sure, this album cover is definitely going to provoke some conversation as it prominently features an array of marginalized groups. From gay boys kissing, to a heavyset girl, to a girl with skin pigmentation issues, there’s a LOT of representation there. Hell, this negro even has an albino person front-and-center! What do you think of Yachty’s art? Flip it over to peep a few reactions from Twitter. Image via Twitter https://twitter.com/karimtbe/status/855127008921169921 https://twitter.com/Letty/status/855131785189101569 https://twitter.com/AieshaArab/status/855151315244244992 https://twitter.com/AmplifyDot/status/855138344602402816 https://twitter.com/adariadaisuan/status/855140023649349637 https://twitter.com/iHateJamal/status/855125182595428352 https://twitter.com/callmedollar/status/855158082996973578


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