Yup, Still Pregnant: Ciara’s Flaunts Her Russell Wilson Baby Bump

Yup, she’s still pregnant!

Ciara Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Ciara is still happily pregnant and flaunting her big ole Russell Wilson baby bump. CiCi who looks to be about 9 months along, posed in some Gucci stacked shoes…

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while on a tennis court and showed fans that she can still balance even with a bump.

“Mama can still drop it low,” Ciara captioned a photo.

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Fans are now wondering when CiCi’s going to drop her baby.

“Sis been pregnant forever,” wrote one.

“Have that baby!” added another.

It’s unclear when Ciara’s due, the songstress announced her pregnancy in October while she was clearly already a few months along.

Prior to sharing another belly snap, Ciara and her hubby took to Little Future to the zoo to see some cheetahs and giraffe.

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Sweet Wilson family preciousness!

What do YOU think about still pregnant CiCi showing off her big ol’ belly.???


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