Damn, Jackie: Takari Lee Exposes ?Her Lying, Ain’t Isht #BBWLA Mama For Checking Evelyn Lozada 

Takari Lee Pleads With Evelyn Lozada On Twitter, “My Mother Wasn’t There!”

If your were tuned into last night’s Basketball Wives L.A. premier, then you saw how the show struggled to find issues with reality “antagonist” Evelyn Lozada. Not only was Tami Roman all “F her” over a dead issue, but Jackie took issue with Evelyn over something unusual as well. Last year, Jackie’s estranged daughter Takari  created a fund raising account after her son was severely injured in daycare. She needed money to take care of his medical expenses and other added up expenses from missing work to care for him. The story made its rounds across the internet, because many were asking “where is is Jackie?” Evelyn Lozada caught wind of the campaign and donated a few thousand dollars to Takari’s account. Apparently, Jackie took this as a jab? Evelyn and Jackie cleared the air about it on TV.  Anyhow, Takari is now saying her mama is out of line for checking Evelyn for helping her out. Peep her tweets. In a scene, Jackie claims that she knew about Takari’s needs and her grandson was HER business, she was taking care of it. This is what his mom is saying now. https://twitter.com/TakariLee/status/854185571584888832 Oop. https://twitter.com/TakariLee/status/854185780717043714 https://twitter.com/TakariLee/status/854186119151230976   Good question. Takari Lee continues to untie her mother’s lies on the next page. https://twitter.com/TakariLee/status/854188150930812928 Jackie claimed that she took care of Takari Lee for ’27 years’ on tv… https://twitter.com/TakariLee/status/854188607048790016 https://twitter.com/TakariLee/status/854189336278966272 Damn, she even pleads with Evelyn on twitter, saying Jackie wasn’t there! Hit the flip. https://twitter.com/TakariLee/status/854191523524558848 https://twitter.com/EvelynLozada/status/854194330273062912  


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