‘Girls’ Spoilers: Lena Dunham Explains How She Picked Hannah’s Baby’s Name

'Girls' Spoilers: Lena Dunham Explains How She Picked Hannah's Baby's Name

SPOILER ALERT – Do not continue reading this post if you haven’t watch the Girls series finale yet!

The final episode of the hit HBO series Girls has aired and Lena Dunham‘s character Hannah welcomed a baby named Grover.

So, how exactly did the baby come to be named that? Let’s leave it to Lena to explain.

“I came in one day and I was like, ‘The baby’s name is Grover.’ And we were like, ‘Sounds about right.’ We were kind of trying to figure out what kind of slightly off name Hannah would give her child,” Lena said in an interview with THR.

“And then it was Jenni who had the idea to have [the baby’s father, Riz Ahmed‘s] Paul-Louis say [that he thought] Grover would be a really nice name for a baby. Like, ‘I want there to be some evidence that he is the father and that he mattered,’” she added. “So when she put the line in, it felt so beautiful and natural that it all retrofitted so nicely. We knew that the baby’s name was Grover Horvath before we knew that ‘Grover’ was the fantasy name of [Hannah’s] water-skiing f—buddy. … We also thought that ‘Grover’ was just odd enough that Hannah would be comfortable with it, while she wasn’t also naming her child ‘Plutonium.’”

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