Murder Baller Aaron Hernandez Gets Off On Double Murder Charges

Aaron Hernandez Found Not Guilty In Double Murder

Aaron Hernandez still isn’t leaving prison anytime soon…but at least his life without parole sentence isn’t getting doubled or tripled.

Hernandez is officially off the hook for a double murder that took place outside of a Boston nightclub in 2012. According to Reuters, the former Patriots player was cleared of all charges associated with the shooting — although he was found culpable for a weapons possession count.

That weapons charge got Hernandez immediately sentenced to an extra four or five years on top of his already existing prison sentence. He was spotted leaving the courtroom with tears falling down his face.

Sheesh. Bittersweet victory for Hernadez there, but he likely should have thought of the possible repercussions when his success in the league gave him an exit from the street life.



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