DAMN: Kendrick Lamar Releases His Album Cover And Track List And Twitter Can’t Take It

Kendrick Lamar Released His Album Title ‘DAMN’, Cover And Track List

Early this morning, Kendrick Lamar set the tone for Twitter for the rest of the day. He released the album cover and track list to his album that is dropping this Friday, DAMN. https://twitter.com/kendricklamar/status/851740571932557314 Knowing that Kendrick albums usually mean somethings, many are trying to figure out what the cryptic message is behind the title and the way the tracks are presented. DHATLAEETE2RDH? A Rihanna feature?!? What does all this mean? Flip the page to see how people are reacting… Image via Twitter/WENN https://twitter.com/rjhours/status/851751582496681985 https://twitter.com/SamDiss/status/851748372310577152 https://twitter.com/Q_tm99/status/851747900568858624 https://twitter.com/crackersmcrae/status/851751755410841601 https://twitter.com/VanessaHottmess/status/851741096799592449 https://twitter.com/B_Delos/status/851766313655709696 https://twitter.com/RefLarryPeace/status/851770721311358981 https://twitter.com/AncientReality/status/851743674694238209 https://twitter.com/hieroglify/status/851744639329677312 https://twitter.com/kush4heaux/status/851744311725219840 https://twitter.com/LA_masala/status/851745429104451584 https://twitter.com/iBlessingg/status/851744098969104384 https://twitter.com/Incognitah_/status/851744820079075328 https://twitter.com/ddlovato/status/850836361603031040 This last one is unrelated, but we’re sure there are some women who will be totally incensed by Demi’s white feminist tweet.


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