BABY BUMP ALERT! Jackie Christie’s Daughter Chantel Christie Celebrates Baby Girl’s Upcoming Arrival At Baby Shower + Is THIS The Baby’s Father?

Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel Christie is pregnant with a baby girl. So, she celebrated her baby’s upcoming arrival with family and friends over the weekend. Peep a few pics, plus a little tea on her alleged baby daddy inside…


Looks like Jackie Christie will be a grandmother again.

After dropping hints of a possible pregnancy on Instagram, the “Basketball Wives” star’s daughter Chantel Christie is now showing off her baby bump. The daughter of Jackie and Doug Christie celebrated with family and friends the upcoming arrival of her baby girl at a baby shower over the weekend.

Ernest Dukes, Senior Publicist at The Nottingham Group, confirmed that Chantel is expecting a baby girl soon. He posted the picture above with the caption, “Ready to pop! Time flies…congrats on the baby, can’t wait to meet her #BabyOnTheWay” 


Folks on social media seem to be happy for Chantel, but many of them are questioning how Jackie will act once the baby gets here. They’re saying if the baby is "too dark" then she will not accept her granddaughter, much like she allegedly rejects her dark skinned daughter Ta’kari. In case you missed out on all the drama between Jackie and her estranged daughter Ta’kari who started a GoFundMe page to help pay for her son’s hospital bills after he got burned, get the details HERE. 

As for who the father of Chantel’s daughter is…

Back in September, celeb site Fameolous reported that Chantel was about 5-months along and that basketball player Stacy Davis  (above) is the father. He plays ball overseas.

The site claims Chantel and Stacy were going through an ugly paternity battle since Chantel allegedly didn’t tell Stacy she was pregnant with his baby until she was 5-months along. Now, the site claims Stacy reached out to them and confirmed they are still together and that he’s going to be in the baby’s life despite all of the drama that surfaced. Well that’s good…if true. 

Congrats to Chantel! 

Photos: @[email protected]/Instagram

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